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NamePositionTitleDepartmentPoster NumberRoomPoster session
Khalid AlotaibiStudent PhDTargeted Temperature Management; efficacy, duration, and the optimal method of implementation on OHCA patientsETM2Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
George CollinsStudent PhDA new model of measuring neutrophil phagosomal maturation and phagocytosis of bacteria in humans in vivo using the intradermal injection of methylene blue-labelled E. coliETM3Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Emily LuptonStudent PhDRapid quantification of diffuse cardiac fibrosis using microCT in miceImaging4Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Samuel HopgoodStudent PhDQuantum Nanodiamond Surveillance for the Ultrasensitive Detection of Microbial Pathogens in Wastewater Imaging5Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Emmeline BrownStudent PhDRetinaSim: A physics-informed framework for generating synthetic retinal blood vessel networks for training neural networks and simulating opthalmolgical pathophysiologyImaging6BarbadosA.M. Coffee Break
Zhiping FengStudent PhDOptimization of Injectable Biomaterial Patches for Minimal Invasive Delivery of Therapeutic GraftsImaging7BarbadosA.M. Coffee Break
Max McRobbieStudent PhDSmartphone-connected reader for fluorescent nanodiamond lateral flow assayImaging8BarbadosA.M. Coffee Break
Douglas M lopesAssociate Professor/Principal Research FellowInvestigating the Role of Aquaporin-4 Mediated Glymphatic Clearance in Parkinson’s Disease Imaging9BarbadosA.M. Coffee Break
Alyssa Thomas DecruzStudent PhDUltrasensitive fluorescent nanodiamond diagnostics for rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen using spin modulationImaging10BarbadosA.M. Coffee Break
Guglielmo VeronaLecturerCalcium binds to transthyretin with low affinityInflammation11Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Tomas Cerdo RaezAssociate staffCombined proteomics and machine learning analysis to identify biomarkers of disease diagnosis and severity for systemic lupus erythematosusInflammation12Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Lucia MartinSenior Research TechnicianJuvenile Sjögren’s syndrome is characterised by dysregulated of B and T memory cell frequencies: a pilot immunophenotyping analysis of this rare disease phenotype.Inflammation13Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Yumna AhmedResearch CoordinatorDiversity, equity and inclusion reflected in the rheumatology research cohort – a real time snapshotInflammation14Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Claire BeesleyStudent PhDGenetic and molecular bases of defective tolerance induction of autoreactive B lymphocytes in systemic sclerosisInflammation15Barbadoslunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Diana CanettiLecturerOxidation of transthyretin leads to H90D variant misidentification in ATTR amyloid deposits by proteomicsInflammation16BarbadosA.M. Coffee Break
Kavina ShahResearch FellowOvercoming Rituximab resistance in autoimmune disease: back to basicsInflammation17BarbadosA.M. Coffee Break
Maria Castanho MartinsStudent PhDImpact of PNPLA3 rs738409 and TM6SF2 rs58542926 mutations on liver metastasis in small intestine neuroendocrine tumoursInstitute for Liver and Digestive Health18TrinidadA.M. Coffee Break
Harry HodgettsResearch Assistants / TechniciansMesenteric fibrosis in small intestinal neuroendocrine tumours (SI-NETs): pathogenesisInstitute for Liver and Digestive Health19TrinidadA.M. Coffee Break
Catherine ChiengResearch FellowBacterial diversity in chronic urinary tract infection and healthy postmenopausal womenRenal Medicine20TrinidadA.M. Coffee Break
Benjamin MurrayStudent PhDDevelopment of an in vitro human bladder cancer model within a healthy urothelial context to use as a testbed for novel treatmentsRenal Medicine21Trinidadlunchtime 13:20-14.20 
David PitcherStudent PhDLong-term outcomes in IgA nephropathyRenal Medicine22Trinidadlunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Chutong ZhongStudent PhDTargeted Isolation of Urine-derived Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells (uRTECs) for Personlised MedicineRenal Medicine23Trinidadlunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Alessandra GrilloResearch FellowDevelopment of a 3D organ-on-chip model of the collecting duct for disease modellingRenal Medicine24Trinidadlunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Qingyang KongResearch FellowAccessing the antimicrobial properties of Polymer A against urinary pathogens Renal Medicine25Trinidadlunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Kate MorlingStudent PhDDesign, synthesis and characterisation of cofactor-mimicking HIV-1 capsid inhibitors WIBR (Neurosciences)26TrinidadA.M. Coffee Break
Tianhao GaoStudent PhDThe function of CH25H in neuroinflammatory conditionsWIBR (Neurosciences)27TrinidadA.M. Coffee Break
Marina NickStudent PhDDoes Auranofin have anthelmintic properties? Respiratory Medicine28GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
David Osuna de la PeñaResearch FellowIntrinsic and extrinsic determinants of premalignancy in the airwaysRespiratory Medicine29GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Abdullah GhazwaniStudent PhDInvestigating how antibody levels against Streptococcus pneumoniae protein antigens can be linked to infection susceptibility Respiratory Medicine30GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Giuseppe ErcoliSenior Research FellowProtein array screening as a tool to identify new carrier proteins for the development of an innovative conjugated vaccine against pneumococcusRespiratory Medicine31Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Lama AlQahtaniStudent PhDRole of Microbiome in the Outcome of the Pre-invasive Lung Cancer LesionsRespiratory Medicine32Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Greg ContentoResearch FellowResistance to GLS1 inhibition reveals conditionally essential metabolic genes during fibrogenesis Respiratory Medicine33Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Zoe WhitemanResearch FellowEvaluating the potential of an interventional immunotherapy in a pre-clinical model of lung squamous cell carcinomaRespiratory Medicine34Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Sharenja RatnakumarResearch FellowPulmonary 18F-FDG Up-Take Refines Current Risk Stratification in Non-Specific Interstitial Pneumonitis (NSIP) and Predicts Response to TreatmentRespiratory Medicine35Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Jo-Anne WilsonStudent PhDRNA-seq analysis in combination with CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing reveals a key role for mTORC1 signalling in influencing the TGF-β1-induced fibrotic responseRespiratory Medicine36GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Trisha KeraiStudent MastersCharacterization of two LysM Domain Proteins Involved in S. Pneumoniae Cell Shape and Virulence Respiratory Medicine37GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Kaylee WorlockStudent PhDHuman SARS-CoV-2 challenge resolves local and systemic response dynamicsRespiratory Medicine38GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Amany AmmarStudent PhDInvestigating tobacco-induced genetic changes in alveolar epithelial cellsRespiratory Medicine39GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
George SophocleousResearch AssociateChanges in the cellular landscape of elicited by expression of Z variant of α1-antitrypsinRespiratory Medicine40GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Osamah AlsuhimiStudent PhDMUC1 carrying sialylated core 1 glycans as a novel diagnostic biomarker for interstitial lung disease (ILD)Respiratory Medicine41Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Samantha PalethorpeResearch FellowDeveloping a Novel Antibody Therapy for Multidrug Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii InfectionsRespiratory Medicine42Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Jonathan O'LoughlinResearch FellowThe impact of resistin on neutrophil effector function and immunopathology in ARDSRespiratory Medicine43Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Hugh SelwayStudent PhDIn Silico Testing of Hypotheses for the Effect of Smoking on Somatic Evolution in the Healthy Human LungRespiratory Medicine44Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Jessica OrrStudent PhDCompound screening in primary human airway basal cells identifies Wnt pathway modulators as potential pro-regenerative therapiesRespiratory Medicine45Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Rachel WaltersResearch FellowInvestigating Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis-associated mutations and their effect on the mTOR axis. Respiratory Medicine46GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Emma DennenyStudent PhDWho gets persistent symptoms and why - analysing the plasma proteome in long COVIDRespiratory Medicine47GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Rebecca GiddingsStudent PhDFactors influencing clinician and patient interaction with Machine Learning based risk prediction modelsRespiratory Medicine48Gallerylunchtime 13:20-14.20 
Sarah LowenStudent PhDPreparation and characterisation of the alpha-1-antitrypsin pathway in atomic detail by
NMR spectroscopy
Respiratory Medicine49GalleryA.M. Coffee Break
Romina Arzili MoshtaghStudent PhDPreparing for the First Breath: Delineating Late Foetal Human Lung Development and MaturationRespiratory Medicine50GalleryA.M. Coffee Break