UCL Division of Medicine


2021 Grants

InflammationCanetti, Ms DianaPFIZER INC28/12/2021Application of mass spectrometry-based methodologies for the quantification of circulating and deposited wild type, variants and truncated species of TTR, and the molecular characterization of TTR amyloid deposits.97,402.60
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchHausser, Professor Michael (Michael)WELLCOME TRUST01/12/2021Mapping sensory-motor cerebellar circuits for adaptive behaviour300,000.00
Respiratory MedicineNavani, Dr Neal (Neal)CANCER RESEARCH UK01/12/2021Real time cancer analytics199,622.24
Respiratory MedicineLomas, Professor DavidMRC01/12/2021Structural And Cellular Basis Of alpha-1-antitrypsin (AT) Deficiency And The Serpinopathies1,613,772.66
Respiratory MedicinePartridge, Dr FrederickGRIFOLS SA11/11/2021The pathological role of copper in antitrypsin deficiency-related liver disease38,461.54
Experimental & Translational MedicineThielemans, Professor Kris (Kris)MEDISO MEDICAL IMAGING SYSTEMS25/10/2021Synergistic Triple Modality Reconstruction for Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer12,000.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineThielemans, Professor Kris (Kris)NPL MANAGEMENT LTD - NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY25/10/2021Synergistic Triple Modality Reconstruction for Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer29,628.00
Respiratory MedicineChambers, Professor Rachel (Rachel)CHIESI FARMACEUTICI SPA08/10/2021Chiesi-UCL Fibrosis Research Collaboration1,162,028.81
InflammationDenton, Professor Christopher (Christopher)HORIZON THERAPEUTICS IRELAND DAC07/10/2021Lysophophosphatidic acid and insulin-like growth factor receptor pathways in systemic sclerosis pathogenesis181,452.00
Respiratory MedicineJanes, Professor Samuel (Sam)CANCER RESEARCH UK06/10/2021City Of London Clinical Academic Training Programme CRTF 2021-22: Using High Resolution Molecular Profiling to Decipher Upper Airway Squamous Cancer Progression – Dr Maral Rouhani276,192.00
Renal MedicineWalsh, Dr StephenKIDNEY RESEARCH UK04/10/2021An investigation into the renal reabsorption of inorganic nitrate and its effects on blood pressure199,945.00
Respiratory MedicineNikolic, Dr Marko (Marko)Silicon Valley Community Foundation01/10/2021Organ maturation in preparation for birth (Peds RFA) to develop a tissue resource and a single-cell atlas of organ development and maturation for dissemination among the scientific and clinical community1,034,482.75
Renal MedicineRohn, Dr JenniferEPSRC01/10/2021Beyond Antibiotics1,132,851.04
Experimental & Translational MedicineLythgoe, Professor Mark (Mark)PARKINSONS UK01/10/2021Pathological Significance of Aquaporin-4 Facilitated Glymphatic Clearance in Parkinson's Disease102,701.92
Experimental & Translational MedicineEmberton, Professor Mark (Mark)CANCER RESEARCH UK01/10/2021ACED PhD Programme-2021/22 intake: The biophysics of cell division in tumours150,419.65
InflammationOng, Dr Voon (Voon)MRC03/09/2021Defining pathogenic B cell regulation and role in scleroderma-associated interstitial lung disease (SSc-ILD)270,686.76
Renal MedicineCaplin, Dr BenjaminMRC01/09/2021Getting to the cause of Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown cause (CKDu)463,133.00
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthHalliday, Dr Neil (Neil)ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES01/09/2021Assessment of Treg function, CD28 costimulation and immune dysregulation in autoimmune liver diseases.30,000.00
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchHausser, Professor Michael (Michael)EUROPEAN COMMISSION01/09/2021The neuroscience of tickling: cerebellar mechanisms and sensory prediction62,618.22
Renal MedicineNorman, Professor Jill (Jill)Polycystic Kidney Disease Charity31/08/2021Urinary exosomal profiling to predict the efficacy of response to Tolvaptan therapy in individual paediatric ADPKD and ARPKD patients15,000.00
InflammationYeoh, Dr Su-AnnVersus Arthritis11/08/2021Investigating the T cell signature of REmiSsion and mechanisms of ToleRAnce IN patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis treated with anti-TNF (RESTRAIN-RA)172,126.00
Respiratory MedicineBrown, Professor Jeremy (Jeremy)WELLCOME TRUST01/08/2021Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of invasive pneumococcal disease1,013,463.88
InflammationEhrenstein, Professor Michael (Michael)MRC01/08/2021Investigating the role of LAG3 in regulatory and effector T cells in systemic lupus erythematosus121,741.95
Experimental & Translational MedicineGaneshan, Dr BalajiCANCER RESEARCH UK01/07/2021A Multimodal Longitudinal Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to Discriminate High-risk Cysts for the Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer11,000.00
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthAcedo Nunez, Dr Maria Del PilarCANCER RESEARCH UK01/06/2021EDPan Screening tool - Earlier detection of pancreatic cancer through personalised assessment of risk combined with non-invasive infrared spectroscopy99,996.95
Respiratory MedicineJanes, Professor Samuel (Sam)CANCER RESEARCH UK01/06/2021Reinterpreting the ‘field of injury’ through understanding cellular level damage and dynamics and consequences for the Prediction, Prevention and Early Detection of lung cancer: ELIMINATE2,534,280.99
Experimental & Translational MedicineChouhan, Dr ManilCANCER RESEARCH UK01/05/2021Early detection of pre-malignant pancreatic cancer using multifunctional targeted nanoparticles for MR imaging with super-resolution and MR fingerprinting99,637.80
Experimental & Translational MedicinePunwani, Professor ShonitCANCER RESEARCH UK01/04/2021Luminal Index MRI Identification of Treatment critical Prostate Cancer (LIMIT PCa)583,560.17
InflammationManson, Dr JessicaUCLH NIHR BRC01/04/2021Defining the immune and clinical phenotypes of COVID-19 hyperinflammation syndrome (COV-HI)70,000.00
Respiratory MedicineNikolic, Dr Marko (Marko)ACTION MEDICAL RESEARCH01/04/2021Single cell analysis of mild and severe paediatric SARS-CoV-2 infection in nasal epithelium and blood - understanding infectivity, progression and disease severity199,959.00
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthNdieyira, Dr JosephROYAL FREE HOSPITAL SPECIAL TRUSTEES01/04/2021Point-of-care device platform10,000.00
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchLi, Dr Huiliang (Huiliang)ROYAL SOCIETY30/03/2021A Collaborative Approach to Studying the Impact of Bioactive Natural Molecules on Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury12,000.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineBrown, Dr AdrianUCLH NIHR BRC12/03/2021A study investigating the physiological and behavioural response of weight stigma in people with obesity.20,207.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineBrown, Dr AdrianROSETREES TRUST12/03/2021A proof of principle pilot study to assess the impact of exposure to weight stigma and discrimination on the physiological responses in patients with obesity.19,520.00
Renal MedicineRohn, Dr JenniferROSETREES TRUST01/03/2021Developing new opportunities for bladder cancer via a novel penetrative drug delivery system10,000.00
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchHausser, Professor Michael (Michael)EUROPEAN COMMISSION01/03/2021Cerebellar mechanisms for governing goal-directed and social behaviours179,947.01
Respiratory MedicineChambers, Professor Rachel (Rachel)MRC17/02/2021The UK Interstitial Lung Disease Long-COVID19 study (UKILD-Long COVID): understanding the burden of Interstitial Lung Disease in Long COVID.380,503.00
Respiratory MedicineLomas, Professor DavidBIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC05/02/2021Small molecules to block Z α1-antitrypsin polymerisation50,355.82
Respiratory MedicineHurst, Professor JohnNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/02/2021Dual Bronchodilators In Bronchiectasis Study31,120.00
Renal MedicineCaplin, Dr BenjaminCOLT FOUNDATION11/01/2021Molecular biological insight into environmental exposures in CKD of unknown cause86,936.00
Respiratory MedicineJacob, Dr JosephUCLH NIHR BRC04/01/2021Image analysis of PHOSP-COVID imaging data55,000.00
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthCaplin, Professor Martin (Martyn)NEUROENDOCRINE TUMOR RESEARCH FOUNDATION03/01/2021Mesenteric fibrosis in small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors: pathogenesis888,888.89