UCL Division of Medicine


Division of Medicine Seminar Series 2022-23

The Division of Medicine Seminar Series takes place on a Thursday once a month 1pm-2pm in the Rayne Building Second Floor Seminar Room. These Seminars are organised by Dr Thomas McDonnell
Grayson Photo

Dr Peter Grayson, National Institutes of Health

Thursday 29th September, 2022, 1pm-2pm  

Portrait Photo of Edward Vital in a suit with white background

Dr Edward Vital, University of Leeds

Thursday 17th November 2022, 2pm-3pm   

Edwin photo

Professor Edwin Chilvers, Imperial College London

Thursday 1st December, 2022 1pm-2pm   

Neil Henderson portrait photo outside in front of some trees

Professor Neil Henderson, University of Edinburgh

Monday 16th January 2023, 1pm-2pm   

Photo of Anne Barton on a seat in front of a dry stone wall

Professor Anne Barton, University of Manchester

Thursday 19th January 2023, 1pm-2pm   

Colin Chu

Dr Colin Chu, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Thursday 9th March 2023, 1pm-2pm

Paul Dalby

Professor Paul Dalby, Biochemical Engineering

Thursday 30th March 2023, 1pm-2pm

Profile photo of Laura Andreoli smiling

Dr Laura Andreoli, University of Brescia

Thursday 18th May 2023, 1pm-2pm

Laurent Arnaud Profile head shot grey background

Professor Laurent Arnaud, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Strasbourg University

Thursday 8th June 1pm-2om BST (2pm CEST)
Virtual Seminar only onTeams

Sarah.Walmsley portrait photo with white background

Professor Sarah.Walmsley, University of Edinburgh

Thursday 22nd June 2023, 1pm-2pm

Profile of Laura Haynes

Professor Laura Haynes, Centre on Aging, University of Connecticut

Thursday 27 July 2023 - details coming soon