UCL Division of Medicine


MEDC0066 Practical Laboratory Research Skills

Module TitleMEDC0066 Practical Laboratory Research Skills
Module Value15
TermTerm 2
Short Description

This module introduces the students to essential laboratory techniques. A mix of theoretical and practical sessions will equip the students with the necessary knowledge and experience to perform a range of common research techniques including:

Cloning: RNA extraction, cDNA Reverse transcription, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Ligation, Transformation, Colony Screening, DNA Extraction, Restriction Enzyme digestion, DNA mapping.

Tissue Culture: Aseptic techniques, Cell counting, Cell Subculturing, Transfection.

Protein expression: ELISA, Western blotting and protein quantification

The students will also learn how to use ENSMBL  to interrogate and manipulate gene sequences and how to keep a lab book in order to properly archive protocols and present their data in a useful and clear way.

The skills acquired by the students in this module should be of use to them throughout their research career.

Assessment details
  • 40% Laboratory reports
  • 20% MCQs
  • 20% Practical skills
  • 20% Presentation (15 Mins)
 Module TutorMr Ian Evans