UCL Division of Medicine


19th International Workshop: Cardiovascular Biology and Translational Medicine

13 September 2024, 9:00 am–5:00 pm

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Organising Committee: Dame Carol Black, Christopher Denton, Gerry Coghlan, Michael Dashwood, Clive Handler, Lucie Clapp, Voon Ong, Alan Holmes, Markella Ponticos, Philip Marino, Beata Wojciak-Stothard, Adrian Hobbs, James Leiper, David Abraham

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Millie Williams – Department of Inflammation, Royal Free Hospital


Royal College of Physicians
11 St Andrews Place
Regent's Park
United Kingdom

This workshop includes national and international speakers working in key areas relevant to Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine, in both the experimental setting and in areas of translational biology and clinical trials.

The themes of this year’s meeting focus on hot topics in cardiovascular biology and translational medicine and centres on growth factor signalling, vascular homeostasis, therapies for dyslipidaemia and atherosclerosis and control of the extracellular matrix in blood vessel disease. Novel imaging technologies and cardiac tissue engineering in health and disease including the vascular /bone axis and foetal cardiovascular development. Novel mechanisms of thrombosis and therapeutics will be discussed along with the role of myeloid cells in cardiac injury and vascular ageing.  The final session is devoted to advances pulmonary vascular disease with a focus on new treatment opportunities, minimally invasive interventions and critical signalling pathways in disease pathogenesis and new therapies.

The Workshop aims to appeal to basic and fundamental scientists, biomedical and clinician scientists at an early stage in their careers and encouraging them to develop a long-term interest in Cardiovascular Biology and Translational Medicine. The workshop is well attended and also attracts senior clinicians, clinicians in training, scientists and established PIs and postgraduates, from across several key disciplines and research areas. The environment during the workshop encourages discussion, debate and networking and has fostered productive interactions and led to collaborative research. We feel our workshop is unique and provides a forum to engage clinicians and scientists across a broad range of cardiovascular topics, and to attract the best and brightest young investigators.

Previous speakers have been national and international leaders in the field and include: Amrita Ahluwalia, Gianni Angelini, Helen Arthur, Ariela Benigni, Shoumo Bhattacharya, Peter Carmeliet, Mark Caulfield, Stuart Cook, Jim Crawley, Elizabetta Dejana, Costanza Emanuelli, Sean Gaine, Nazzareno Galie, Sarah George, Jonathan Gibbins, Gerry Coghlan, George Hamilton, Sian Harding, Dorian Haskard, Anthony Heagerty, Marc Humbert, Brant Isakson, Peter Libby, Guy Lloyd, Justin Mason, Salvador Moncada, Vivek Muthurangu, Gary Owens, Nigel Pyne, Mauro Perretti, Marlene Rabinovitch, Martin Bennett, Mandy Maclean, Nick Morrell, Andrew Newby, Anna Randi, Peter Ratcliffe, Simon Redwood, Christopher Rhodes, Paul Riley, Aldo Rinaldi, Lewis Rubin, Lewis Rubin, Christiana Ruhrberg, Eva van Rooij, Ralph Schermuly, Michael Schneider, Peter Scambler, Ralph Schermuly, William Sessa, Michael Simons, Judith Sluimer, Oliver Söhnlein, Laura Southgate, Kurt Stenmark, Matt Thompson, Patricia Thistlethwaite, Rhian Touyz, Patrick Vallance, Sara Nunes de Vasconcelos, Hugh Watkins, Steve Watson, Christian Weber, Peter Weinberg, James West, Martin Wilkins, Leon de Windt and Derek Yellon.