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ECR Research Culture Seminar Series: 'Science Communication' Prof. Christina Pagel

19 June 2023, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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Division of Medicine (DOM) Early Career Research (ECR) Network / Postgraduate Student (PGS) Research Culture Programme

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This will be a hybrid event with limited tickets available for onsite attendance.
Second Seminar Room, Rayne Building or MS Teams
5 University Street
United Kingdom

'Science Communication'

Professor Christina Pagel
Professor of Operational Research
Clinical Operational Research Unit
Dept of Mathematics
Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Rayne 2nd Floor Seminar Room and MS Teams 
(also remote viewing from the Royal Free 
2nd Floor Medicine Seminar Room)

My main interest is in using information to help people within the health service make better decisions. Often this will involve mathematical modelling or other operational research techniques, but sometimes it can be just presenting the data in a more intuitive way. I want my work to be relevant to, and used by, those working within the NHS and so I am also very interested in the process of how to get theoretical knowledge into practical application.

I am currently focusing on projects around:

  • mortality and morbidity outcomes following cardiac surgery in children and adults in the UK;
  • evaluation of service delivery for congenital heart disease in England and Wales;
  • understanding the course of a patient's stay in intensive care as co-director of the UCL CHIMERA hub.
  • Undertanding hospitalisation in children with Covid (as part of the BHF Data Science consortium)

Since May 2020, I have been a member of Independent SAGE, a group of scientists informing the public about the latest situation and knowledge about the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of this I have done extensive media work, including print, radio and TV, both in the UK and abroad. I have also given many talks at conferences, both academic and for the public, on my Covid work. 

From September 2016 to August 2017, I was a Harkness Fellow in Health Policy awarded by the Commonwealth Fund. I spent that year in the US researching a) the priorities of Republican and Democrat politicians for the goals of national health policy and b) how clinical decision support systems can be better implemented within intensive care settings.

Since 2006, I have worked on a great variety of projects including: 

  • capacity planning within hospitals;
  • building tools to help design new provisions for care for anxiety and depression;
  • risk models for surgical outcomes;
  • modelling to inform decisions on the national immunisation programme, including pandemic planning;
  • modelling to investigate possible triage policies during times of reduced capacity;
  • clinical trial analysis;
  • modelling to inform decisions about interventions in Asia and Africa to help maternal and child health;
  • data analysis and modelling to understand current provision of skilled birth attendance in Asia;
  • a website tool to distill evidence on health financing for policy makers;
  • modelling and data analysis to support delivery of paediatric intensive care services;
  • understanding the burden of menstrual problems, particularly pain and heavy menstrual bleeding;
  • helping with covid response in England through a variety of projects. 

Many of these projects have involved building software tools, mostly within Microsoft Excel, to help people interpret information and results about their service. For more on these tools please see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/operational-research/AnalysisTools.

Host: Dr. Puja Mehta, Centre for Inflammation and Tissue Repair | UCL Respiratory | University College London
The seminars are open to UCL staff, students and their visitors. We would encourage attendance from all career stages. All staff looking to enhance their own practice are encouraged to attend
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