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DoM Seminar: Dr Edward Vital

17 November 2022, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

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Alison Kelly – Division of Medicine

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Dr Edward Vital
University of Leeds

Host: Professor Mike Ehrenstein
Department for Inflammation


Thursday 17th November 2022 at 14:00 -15:00 (note slightly later start time)
This seminar will take place in the Second Floor Seminar Room of the Rayne Buiding and will also run on Teams (link)
Lunch will be provided

Dr Vital lead a lupus research group with interests in early disease, skin disease, musculoskeletal outcome measures, translational immunology and B cell therapies.

SLE and related diseases such as mixed and undifferentiated connective tissue diseases, Sjogren’s Syndrome form a spectrum of overlapping disorders. Each patient presents with a unique fingerprint of organs involved, severity and response to therapy. This clinical heterogeneity is paralleled by diverse underlying immunopathogenic mechanisms. Targeted therapies offer the opportunity to improve outcomes, but until now overall outcomes of clinical trials have been disappointing.

Our group takes a translational approach to this area aiming to improve both clinical and immunological phenotyping. By doing so, we hope to achieve better clinical trials, novel therapeutic approaches, targeting therapy to specific patients more accurately and improving the understanding of disease processes.

We have a particular focus on skin and musculoskeletal manifestations of lupus. These are the most common in routine practice and clinical trials and have a marked impact on quality of life by causing pain and affecting body image. We aim to improve understanding and treatment of these subsets of disease by exploiting our institute’s established strengths in musculoskeletal imaging and rheumato-dermatology. Our translational and basic science focuses on Type I Interferons and B cells as these are the common targets for new therapies in SLE as well as ANCA vasculitis and other autoimmune diseases.

The seminars are open to UCL & UCLH staff, students and their visitors. Please contact alison.kelly@ucl.ac.uk for all enquires  
Audience members: Please ensure that your mic is muted and video turned off during the talk. There will be a 10-minute Q&A at the end of the talk. Please ensure that you use the ‘raise hand’ function if you would like to ask a question. Thank you.