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Division of Medicine Athena SWAN Application

Athena SWAN in the Division of Medicine

Action Plan

The Division’s self-assessment team (DoM-SAT) comprises a diverse group of clinical and non-clinical academics as well as non-academics from across the Division’s sites, representing a wide range of professional and personal experiences.

The team was assembled in June 2012 and has been meeting regularly since then. The team is responsible for carrying out the Action Plan detailed in the Silver application, which comprises a wide-ranging and diverse set of initiatives.

We have postponed our application for renewal of the AS Siver award which was due in November 2020 and have applied for an extension of our current award until 2021 due to the impact that the COVID19 disruption has had on the division of Medicine. We have revised and extended our Action Plan to demonstrate the division's commitment to the principle of the Athena Swan Charter but also to include our current and continued commitment to new initiatives such as race equality.