UCL Division of Medicine


Career development: academic staff

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Mandatory Training

All ARS joining the DoM are instructed during their induction to undergo mandatory training appropriate to their job specification.  UCL Organisation Development provides training, supporting staff to successfully navigate and build their careers during their time at UCL and beyond. Mandatory role-specific training includes: fire safety, safety induction, Information Security, Freedom of information, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training, Recruitment training and Disclosing. Reminders are sent annually to all staff to participate on refresher courses such as on Unconscious bias and GDPR training.


Personal Development

Personal development training is incentivised because it is part of the appraisal process (three per year required). Staff can chose from a variety of courses on offer including presentation skills, developmental complication, mental resilience, ‘working smarter’, managing work transitions. Academic teaching staff take mandatory training in student-facing ‘Mental First aid’ and ‘connected learning’.

Jennifer Rohn

DoM also offers regular in-house sessions (uptake roughly gender equal) covering relevant areas including unconscious bias, appraisal and recruitment. The Equal Opportunity Liaison Officers send regular emails regarding new policies.

It is a responsibility of each employee to recorded the training they undertook via My Learning self-service available on MyHR.

ARS Uptake Leadership Training

To advance career development of all staff, regardless of gender, DoM is committed to nominate staff to participate in Leadership Courses: Emerging Leaders, Inclusive Leadership, Provost Leadership, Future Leaders, Senior Women in Leadership/ Women in Leadership, Self-Managing Leadership, Fundamentals of Management. Since 2016, 7 female and 2 male ARS have participated in leadership programmes. No BAME staff participated in these programmes.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training is mandatory for all staff.