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The Division of Medicine is a powerhouse for medical research and teaching within the UK and Worldwide.  Research Groups within Respiratory Medicine, Institute for Liver and Digestive Health, Neurosciences, Renal, Imaging, Inflammation, Experimental and Translational Medicine have all contributed and continue to contribute to the huge advancements in medical therapies that we see today.


How your support helps us advancing medical research (blurb below)

Your support enables us to achieve the following in medical research.

  • Train, recruit and support outstanding scientists and clinicians.
  • Provide them with cutting-edge equipment and the environment in which to thrive.
  • Enable pilot projects to test new theories and advance treatments in areas such as Arthritis, Pain, Cancer
  • Assist with the purchase of medical equipment to support research
  • Support students 

" QUOTE " Professor Sam Janes Director of Division of Medicine


MSc Obesity and Clinical Nutrition
Outline of the lungs / respiratory system against a black background

Respiratory Medicine

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Renal Medicine

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Neurosciences (WIBR)

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