UCL Division of Medicine


Division of Medicine Grand Round 2021-22

Division of Medicine Grand Round 2022


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Wednesday 18th May

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‘Hip pain: a football pain-alty’

Barbaros Sir and
Rachna Yamarthi

‘Sepsis-induced immunosuppression’

Nish Arulkumaran

Coziana Ciurtin

Wednesday 25th May

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‘COVID Toes’

Nataliya Gak and 
Coziana Ciurtin

Adolescent Rheumatology


Maria Leandro

Wednesday 8th June

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‘Penis cancer for the general physician - HIV, HPV and lichen sclerosus’

Chris Bunker and Georgios Kravvas

'Delirium secondary to stroke'

Arup Sen and Ricky Sharma

John Martin

Wednesday 15th June

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‘Digital transformation of surgical training’

Justin Collins

Pathway to vision using PET CT

Dalia Ludwig

Michael Ehrenstein

Wednesday 22nd June

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Unravelling the complex management of infection, inflammation and stroke

Laura Benjamin

Tik Tok to the ICU

Marc George & Seeta Patel
Clinical Pharmacology

Stuart Taylor

Wednesday 29th June

(Special Grand Round)

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"Innovation in dementia,
from genetics to treatment"
David Lomas

Wednesday 6th July 

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‘Mechanisms of why children are generally protected from severe COVID-19’

Dr Marko Nikolic

Respiratory Medicine

 Sam Janes

Wednesday 13th July

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‘Double Whammy? Disability and Ukrainian Refugee(s)’

Professor John Wyatt & Professor David Katz


Alastair O'Brien

Wednesday 20th July

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‘Clearing the pathway to better health: improving access to health services for asylum seekers arriving in the UK’
The Respond Service

Sarah Eisen, Consultant Paediatrician,
Clinical lead of RESPOND

Nicky Longley, Consultant Infectious Diseases,
Clinical lead of RESPOND

Alli Ward, Consultant Paediatrician,
Clinical lead of RESPOND

Paediatrics and Adolescent Division / Hospital for Tropical Diseases


Mahdad Noursadeghi