UCL Division of Medicine


2019 Grants

NephrologyRombouts, Professor Krista (Krista)IPSEN INNOVATION SAS06/12/2019Mesenteric fibrosis in midgut Neuroendocrine tumours & investigation of the role of Telotristat96,500.00
NephrologyRobinson, Professor Paul (Paul)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/12/2019A Randomised Controlled Multi-Centre Open-Label Parallel Group Non-Inferiority Trial of the Clinical Effectiveness, Acceptability and Cost-Effectiveness of a Stepping into Day Treatment Approach versus Inpatient Treatment as Usual for Anore4,922.00
Respiratory MedicineChambers, Professor Rachel (Rachel)GLAXOSMITHKLINE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT LTD01/12/2019Transcription profiling of pathogenic cell interactions in fibrotic and remodelled human lung tissue319,350.00
Respiratory MedicineJacob, Dr JosephCANCER RESEARCH UK01/12/2019Applying an Attention Based Time Aware Recurrent Neural Network model to predict pulmonary96,197.75
Renal MedicineSalama, Professor AlanROYAL FREE HOSPITAL SPECIAL TRUSTEES14/11/2019Investigation of the Natural History of BK Virus Infection & Immunity in Health & Kidney Transplantation84,000.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineHalligan, Professor Michael Stephen (Steve)MRC01/11/2019Developing microstructural and metabolic magnetic resonance imaging to address the diagnostic and prognostic unmet needs in breast cancer258,963.20
Experimental & Translational MedicineHarrison, Dr IanPARKINSONS UK01/11/2019Involvement of the glymphatic system in the propagation of pathological α-synuclein245,909.06
Experimental & Translational MedicineHarrison, Dr IanALZHEIMERS RESEARCH UK01/11/2019Involvement of the glymphatic system in the propagation of pathological tau242,430.04
InflammationEhrenstein, Professor Michael (Michael)UCLH NIHR BRC30/10/2019Anti-TNF biologic Tapering: a proof of concept study to identify T regulatory cell biomarkers of remission in rheumatoid arthritis39,929.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineYeoh, Dr Su-AnnROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS02/10/2019Anti-TNF biologic Tapering: a proof of concept study to identify T regulatory cell biomarkers of remission in rheumatoid arthritis49,829.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineZachary, Professor Ian (Ian)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR BIOLOGICAL STANDARDS AND CONTROL01/10/2019Studies on targeting VEGF induced changes in the function and metabolism of intraocular cells to gain insights into the molecular mechanisms of resistance to antiangiogenic therapy for eye neovascular diseases16,215.36
Renal MedicineRohn, Dr JenniferATOCAP LTD01/10/2019Novel methods to study and treat urothelial disorders25,000.00
InflammationDenton, Professor Christopher (Christopher)MRC01/10/2019Functional and molecular diversity of skin fibroblasts in systemic sclerosis261,216.44
Experimental & Translational MedicineThielemans, Professor Kris (Kris)NPL MANAGEMENT LTD - NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY01/10/2019Harmonisation and quantification of PET imaging for lung diseases28,600.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineThielemans, Professor Kris (Kris)GLAXOSMITHKLINE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT LTD01/10/2019GSK Top up of 551841 (G94 EPSRC ICASE 2019)12,000.00
InflammationRosser, Dr Elizabeth (Lizzy)LUPUS UK01/10/2019Is the metabolic profile of lymphocytes altered at puberty and does this contribute to the onset of Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus? A preliminary study6,254.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineO'Brien, Professor AlastairUCLH NIHR BRC01/10/2019Repurpose Simvastatin As An Immune-Restorative Therapy In Cirrhosis51,450.00
InflammationCiurtin, Dr CozianaVersus Arthritis01/10/2019Investigating the role of androgen receptor modulation in the pathogenesis of juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus156,446.86
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthPinzani, Professor Massimo (Massimo)CANCER RESEARCH UK23/09/2019The role of hepatic cell metabolism in liver regeneration and liver cancer226,464.41
Renal MedicineGale, Professor DanielMRC02/09/2019Elucidating the genetic architecture of cystic kidney disease using whole-genome sequencing217,665.77
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthPereira, Professor Stephen (Stephen)PANCREATIC CANCER RESEARCH FUND01/09/2019Prospective evaluation of urinary biomarker panel for early detection of pancreatic adenocarcinoma in ‘at-risk’ populations (UroPanc study)458,646.73
Renal MedicineGale, Professor DanielROSETREES TRUST01/09/2019A new treatment for kidney disease105,236.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineGilroy, Professor DerekLes Laboratoires Servier01/09/2019Resolution of acute inflammation in patients with lupus355,419.01
InflammationAbraham, Professor David (David)Les Laboratoires Servier01/09/2019Collaborative Alliance between Servier and UCL- Scleroderma Pathogenesis,  and Therapeuticss530,659.58
InflammationBellotti, Professor VittorioUCL TECHNOLOGY FUND01/09/2019ATTR Stabiliser679,233.85
InflammationEhrenstein, Professor Michael (Michael)LUPUS UK01/09/2019Characterising T and B cell phenotype and function after combination rituximab and belimumab23,644.00
NephrologySinger, Professor Mervyn (Mervyn)MRC19/08/2019Investigation of fever as a protective mechanism in sepsis307,081.00
InflammationHall-Craggs, Professor Margaret (Margaret)British Society for Rheumatology01/08/2019Development and validation of QIB in JIA35,423.00
InflammationDenton, Professor Christopher (Christopher)Versus Arthritis01/08/2019Mycophenolate in limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis - external pilot (MINIMISE-Pilot)496,380.43
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchWood, Professor John (John)WELLCOME TRUST01/08/2019Visualising and identifying activated neurons in pain models2,076.00
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthMehta, Dr GautamNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH10/07/2019Determining Interactions of Alcohol Consumptions and Metabolic Factors for the Development of Liver Disease240,800.00
Respiratory MedicineNikolic, Dr Marko (Marko)CHAN ZUCKERBERG INITIATIVE LLC01/07/2019CZI Seed Network - Human Lung Cell Atlas 1.045,780.45
NephrologyArulkumaran, Dr NishkanthaROSETREES TRUST01/07/2019Overcoming antimicrobial resistance with novel liposomal antibiotic delivery vehicles60,000.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineTaylor, Professor StuartNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/07/2019Assessment of gut transit in paediatric constipation without ionizing radiation: Magnetic Resonance Imaging transit mini-capsules and methods 224,982.00
Respiratory MedicineRonzoni, Dr RiccardoAlpha-1 Foundation01/07/2019Z AAT polymers: kinetics of accumulation and secretion103,448.28
Experimental & Translational MedicineHorst, Dr CarolynCANCER RESEARCH UK01/07/2019Predicting the location of lung nodule occurrence from low-dose CT using convolutional time-to-event networks (X-Net)14,973.74
Respiratory MedicineJacob, Dr JosephUCLH NIHR BRC01/07/2019Using deep learning CT features to predict disease progression and mortality in fibrosing lung disease50,000.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineArstad, Professor Erik (Erik)UCLH NIHR BRC01/07/2019Image-Derived Enzymatic Adrenal Lateralisation of Primary Hyperaldosteronisim104,167.00
InflammationEhrenstein, Professor Michael (Michael)UCLH NIHR BRC01/07/2019Regulatory T cells in rheumatoid arthritis Pilot study122,575.00
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchLi, Dr Huiliang (Huiliang)WELLCOME TRUST03/06/2019Expression of mouse cholesterol 25-hydroxylase in healthy and Alzheimer's disease brain2,768.00
Renal MedicineNorman, Professor Jill (Jill)ROYAL FREE HOSPITAL SPECIAL TRUSTEES01/06/2019A novel therapeutic target in acute kidney injury11,000.00
InflammationHall-Craggs, Professor Margaret (Margaret)UCLH NIHR BRC01/06/2019Optimisation of an MRI tool for measuring bone health19,978.00
InflammationHall-Craggs, Professor Margaret (Margaret)UCLH NIHR BRC01/06/2019Optimisation of a multiparametric, quantitative MRI tool for assessment of bone and joint health in inflammatory disease.58,542.00
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthPereira, Professor Stephen (Stephen)UCLH NIHR BRC01/06/2019RETROSPECTIVE Enhanced liver fibrosis and cholangiocarcinoma in primary sclerosing cholangitis149,999.00
Respiratory MedicineChambers, Professor Rachel (Rachel)UCLH NIHR BRC01/06/2019Repositioning mTOR inhibitors in IPF148,701.00
InflammationJury, Professor Elizabeth (Liz)ROSETREES TRUST01/06/2019Blood fats in juvenile-onset SLE: an opportunity for stratified patient therapy46,037.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineGilroy, Professor DerekROSETREES TRUST01/05/2019Failed inflammatory resolution and multimorbidity in chronic inflammatory diseases239,856.00
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchSelwood, Professor David (David)BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION01/05/2019Lead optimisation of Novel Small Molecule Natriuretic Peptide Receptor (NPR)-C Agonists for the Treatment of Myocardial Infraction64,642.00
InflammationJury, Professor Elizabeth (Liz)DUNHILL MEDICAL TRUST01/05/2019Sjögren’s syndrome a disease of older adults: Using complex phenotyping to improve diagnosis and treatment options for patients134,037.00
InflammationIsenberg, Professor David (David)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/04/2019NIHR Clinical Research Network North Thames (CRNNT) 2019/20 funding Hajar J'Bari38,688.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineArstad, Professor Erik (Erik)UCLH NIHR BRC01/04/2019BRC Capital Funding for PET tracer automated synthesis module with HPLC for the UCL GMP PET Facility200,036.00
Respiratory MedicineNikolic, Dr Marko (Marko)ROSETREES TRUST01/04/2019Towards human lung regeneration: study of cell interactions and epithelial maturation in human lung development60,000.00
InflammationReddy, Dr Venkat (Venkat)UCLH NIHR BRC01/04/2019Understanding the Mechanisms of Refractory Systemic Lupus Erythematosus to Stratify Patients for Novel B-cell Targeted Therapies161,099.00
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthAndreola, Dr FaustoUCLH NIHR BRC01/04/2019Glucocorticoid receptor: A novelbiomarker and therapeutic targetin acute alcoholic hepatitis130,703.94
Renal MedicineDavenport, Professor Andrew (Andrew)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/04/2019Study To Investigate The Change in Hypotensive Episodes during Dialysis (STITCHED)523,439.80
InflammationEhrenstein, Professor Michael (Michael)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/04/2019NIHR Clinical Research Network North Thames (CRNNT) 2019/20 Funding Jesusa Guinto61,115.52
InflammationIsenberg, Professor David (David)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/04/2019NIHR Clinical Research Network North Thames (CRNNT) 2019/20 Funding Nyarko Ahwireng51,594.00
NephrologyRombouts, Professor Krista (Krista)UCLH NIHR BRC01/04/2019Identification and validation of targets for novel therapies in PNPLA3 SNP variant primary human hepatic stellate cells in liver disease86,558.00
InflammationCiurtin, Dr CozianaNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/04/2019North Thames Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) 2019/20 funding46,704.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineBatterham, Professor Rachel (Rachel)UCLH NIHR BRC01/04/2019BRC Funding for Research Nurse: NIHR Obesity Theme119,954.00
InflammationJury, Professor Elizabeth (Liz)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/04/2019LCRN Funding 2019/20 Steven O'Farrell replacement54,000.00
InflammationEhrenstein, Professor Michael (Michael)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/04/2019LCRN Research Nurse Funding 2019/2054,000.00
Respiratory MedicineLomas, Professor DavidNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/04/2019NIHR Senior Investigator Award60,000.00
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchRichardson, Professor William (Bill)WELLCOME TRUST01/04/2019Adaptive myelination in learning and memory1,305,661.00
Experimental & Translational MedicinePineda Torra, Professor InesUCB Biopharma SPRL27/03/2019Role of Interferon regulation of lipid metabolism in autoimmunity: Biomarker identification funding106,818.00
Respiratory MedicineChambers, Professor Rachel (Rachel)UCLH NIHR BRC01/03/2019Pathomechanisms underlying abnormal tissue repair138,672.00
Respiratory MedicineBrown, Professor Jeremy (Jeremy)MRC01/03/2019Pneumococcal antigenome responses in high risk groups88,258.40
Respiratory MedicineJanes, Professor Samuel (Sam)MRC01/03/2019Defining the role of tissue-resident immune cells in alveolar epithelial cell regeneration62,438.00
Respiratory MedicineHurst, Professor JohnBRITISH COUNCIL15/02/2019Multi-Morbidity and Infectious Diseases: strengthening links between UK and Peru44,351.56
Respiratory MedicineJacob, Dr JosephROSETREES TRUST01/02/2019Using computers to calculate abnormal airway enlargement in lung diseases78,852.00
InflammationGiles, Professor Ian (Ian)LUPUS UK01/02/2019Identifying immunological mechanisms underlying alterations in disease activity in  systemic lupus erythematosus pregnancy and relationships with adverse pregnancy  outcomes25,000.00
Renal MedicineGale, Professor DanielKIDNEY RESEARCH UK01/02/2019Unravelling the genomics of rare kidney diseases49,581.90
Experimental & Translational MedicineGilroy, Professor DerekCORBUS INTERNATIONAL LTD01/02/2019Role of Heme oxygenase 1 in the resolution of inflammation204,986.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineBeale, Dr RupertMRC14/01/2019The role of LC3 Interacting Regions in Viral Subversion in Autophagy53,472.82
Experimental & Translational MedicineSofat, Professor ReechaUCLH NIHR BRC01/01/2019BRC funding for CORUM Studies: salary support for Grace Auld21,206.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineO'Brien, Professor AlastairNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH01/01/2019Primary antibiotic prophylaxis for spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhosis1,839,916.20
Experimental & Translational MedicinePunwani, Professor ShonitCANCER RESEARCH UK01/01/2019NCITA - National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator1,245,784.68
Wolfson Inst for Biomedical ResearchWood, Professor John (John)EUROPEAN COMMISSION01/01/2019Bone Pain II459,732.10
InflammationCiurtin, Dr CozianaLUPUS UK01/01/2019Investigating the role of androgen receptor signalling and puberty in the pathogenesis of juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus - ARIEL24,782.57