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World Cancer Day

To mark World Cancer Day, we look at vital cancer research trials that have continued throughout the pandemic and spotlight some of the transformational research discoveries that are helping to change the landscape of cancer research.

"Through UCL Partners, we support around eight million patients with a broad range of healthcare needs. We had to keep going so that patients could continue to receive the best and most advanced care, and so that we wouldn’t be starting from zero after the pandemic recedes. Cancer itself remains an ongoing pandemic – we cannot afford to slow down."

Tariq Enver, Director UCL Cancer Institute and Professor of Stem Cell Biology

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Breast cancer screening

Single-dose radiotherapy as effective for treating breast cancer

International randomised trial led by Prof Jayant Vaidya confirms the long-term effectiveness of Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy (TARGIT-IORT).

Killer T cells surround a cancer cell

Novel CAR T-cell therapy shows promise against neuroblastoma

Research led by Dr Karin Straathof is one of the first studies to demonstrate CAR T-cells achieving rapid regression against a solid cancer. 

Bowel Cancer Cells

Immunotherapy for bowel cancer could change clinical practice

UK Chief Investigator Dr Kai-Keen Shiu says results from pembrolizumab trial 'will almost certainly result in a paradigm shift in our current clinical practice.'

SUMMIT lung cancer screening study

Early detection of lung cancer

The SUMMIT study, led by Prof Sam Janes, is the largest-ever UK lung cancer screening study, delivered by UCL, UCLH and GRAIL Inc. 

Dr Maxine Tran

Maxine Tran is Associate Professor in Renal Cancer, Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon and academic lead for the Specialist Centre for Kidney Cancer at the Royal Free.


Analysis: Take lessons from cancer evolution to the clinic

Led by Prof Charles Swanton (Crick, CRUK and UCL), TRACERx, the first long-term study of how lung cancer evolves, is revealing that therapies targeting multiple proteins in tumour cells could help outpace the disease.

MadeAtUCL: The Podcast

Prof Mark Emberton, surgeon, urologist and the Dean of Medical sciences at UCL explains how MRI and ultrasound are transforming diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. 

Coronavirus lockdown: Can cancer research be done from home?

UCL Lecturer in Translational Medicine and Cancer Research Demystifiepresenter, Dr Susan Heavey explores how cancer researchers can continue to work during the pandemic.