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Curious about what it's like to study at UCL? Trying to decide if UCL is the best university for you? See what our students have to say about their personal experiences of studying at UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences.


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Hear from past Medical Sciences students 

Adriana Salame, Nutrition and Medical Sciences BSc graduate

Adriana Salame
"Every aspect of the course exceeded my expectations; Our professors and guest specialists always brought about engaging content-rich lectures, extensively covering body systems in health and disease in first year, then the role of nutrition in modulating health across life.

We always enjoyed the practical activities that complemented our learning, and were assessed on real-life cases, both of which have developed our professional skills."

Walton Chan, Division of Infection and Immunity graduate

Walton Chan
"This programme taught me how to be a confident scientific communicator. Your peers motivate you to work harder as everyone operates at such a high level. Your project supervisor helps you with professional development and the Department holds internal seminars to keep you at the cutting edge of infection and immunology science.

As I start work as a research assistant with a PhD offer at the University of Hong Kong, I can't help but feel grateful for this programme."

Dara Vakili, Applied Medical Sciences BSc graduate

Dara Vakili
“The AMS course trains students to speak the language of medicine but think like scientists. The exposure to some of the best science in the world allows students to become extremely versatile.

The best thing about UCL is that you are surrounded by some extremely clever people in all different fields. The environment is diverse in its thinking but people are also very down to earth and fun."

Nabeela Arbee, Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc graduate

Nabeela Arbee
“When I saw the Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health program at UCL I jumped at the opportunity because it bridges both things that I love, sports and medicine. Being at UCL has opened so many doors for me to pursue exciting research and expand on my knowledge.”

Watch Nabeela's 'A Day in the Life on Youtube. 
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Watch #LifeinMedSci - a video series

Medical Sciences at UCL is much more than just being in the library or laboratory all day. From Chinese opera to Greek ‘Opa’ dancing, from photography to podcasting, from rock climbing to rock music - discover the personalities and passions of our students as they attempt to find their ideal study-life balance in London.
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UCL Open Days

Our Divisions and Institutes hold open days for prospective students find out what opportunities are on offer and talk to members of academic staff. These events can be extremely valuable in helping you make an informed choice about pursuing further study. A list of current events can be found on the Faculty's Open Day site.

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Study at UCL

UCL is recognised as a world leader in Medical Education. Our internationally recognised research, cutting-edge practices and state of the art facilities ensure that our students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders in their fields. Explore our more than 60 courses across Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional levels.

Life in an International Medical University

Diversity is at the core of University College of London. UCL embraces the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion. We are proud that our graduate population is made up of students from many different cultures and countries and reflect broad intellectual interests.

These values are fundamental to the ethos of the University, and we feel that this promotes intellectual curiosity, productivity, and success. UCL takes great pride in the diversity represented on campus.

UCL is recognized as a world leader in Medical Science Education. Our medical department is made up of students from all over the world. Medical practice is a universal practice, therefore, we feel it is critical for our student demographic to be reflected by as many countries, cultures, and backgrounds as possible. Diversity and inclusion are key to nurturing success. This is why, at UCL, an enriching educational experience is strengthened by diversity.