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Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences BSc

UCL brings the clinical and academic rigour of one of the World's Top 10 Medical Universities to sports science degrees in this new and unique bachelor's course.

Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences Overview

Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences (SEMS) is a new and dynamic sports science degree exploring the critical importance of physical activity for a healthy population. This sports science degree synthesises the disciplines of sports sciences and clinical medicine to train future leading health professionals in a deep understanding of human body systems. It provides the research skills to innovate in the areas of elite sport and exercise performance as well as the prevention and treatment of chronic medical conditions.

Course benefits

  • The clinical medical specialism of this Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science sets it apart from traditional sports science degrees. Graduates are equipped with a unique, broad and vocational set of skills, including evidence-based exercise prescription, clinical and biomechanical assessment of common sports injuries and their management, and fundamental applied research skills and medical statistics.
  • As a student on the sports and exercise science course, you will join UCL's world-leading Medical School to receive a thorough grounding in human body systems, health and disease, anatomy and physiology, the fundamentals of which will allow you to bridge the gap between traditional biomedical science and innovations in the field of exercise medicine.
  • This sports science course is also ideal for students with an interest in public health, strategy and government policy who are looking to work in non-clinical fields. There are optional modules in topics such as public engagement, policy and funding of bioscience. Graduates will be prepared to tackle the urgent questions surrounding the burden of chronic disease on society. 
  • As a student, you will be able to draw on the vibrant research community of leading scientists, clinicians and academics at UCL. You will also work with students on related programmes and participate in projects across the university.
  • Students can also collaborate on research undertaken by the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health and its partners, including the International Olympic Committee, the English Institute of Sport, and University College London Hospitals. 

Why choose UCL for a Sports Science Degree?

More and more studies are showing the need for exercise to change, treat and maintain health. This has created a need to study sport and exercise from a medical perspective rather than the traditional sports science approach. 

As a world leader in Medical Sciences, UCL has created the first bachelor of science in this emerging area. This degree combines the rigours of medicine and medical science with traditional sports science. This unique combination will provide our students with a significant point of difference in their careers after graduation. 

Additionally, the combination of our outstanding reputation and London location gives you rare access to some of the most prestigious institutions in this area: the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health, the International Olympic Committee, the English Institute of Sport and University College London Hospitals. 

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