UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences


Medical Sciences and Engineering BSc

Interested in the world of global medical technology? This unique, cross-faculty degree gives you knowledge of human physiology and disease, with engineering and problem-solving skills.

Medical Sciences and Engineering Overview

Split equally between the faculties of medicine and engineering, this medical engineering degree programme combines innovation and technology with patient care. This programme provides a strong foundation in systems physiology and a focus on understanding health and disease. Students will tackle real medical challenges encountered through teaching in world-class hospital facilities. You will also develop medical engineering solutions to revolutionise patient care, health and quality of life.

Course benefits

  • This degree merges the world-leading research of the faculties of Medicine and Engineering to deliver teaching informed by the activities of this thriving community of academics. This gives you the opportunity to engage with scientists and clinicians across UCL's Bloomsbury, Royal Free and Stanmore campuses.
  • You will learn the foundational principles of the body from cardiovascular and respiratory systems to human physiology, infection and repair. This, paired with the principles of design and technological innovation, will allow you to experience the interface between surgery, engineering and healthcare at the cutting edge.
  • You will develop the creative and entrepreneurial skills necessary to translate research into clinical practice, and respond to the growing need for technological solutions to unanswered medical needs. 
  • Diverse teaching and learning methods designed to develop communication and leadership skills.
  • A final year professional practice model will integrate your knowledge of biomedical sciences and engineering and further develop your professional skills.

Career Opportunities

Recent government and industry reports have identified skills shortages in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. These shortages need to be met by graduates who can think broadly to create new solutions to global challenges. Graduates of medical engineering degrees will be well placed to realise these growing opportunities. 

Graduates of this course will be equipped to deliver world-class biomedical engineering and regenerative medicine solutions in clinical, commercial, regulatory and research environments. They will have the skills to move into the expanding global medical technologies and regenerative medicine sectors as product specialists, researchers, designers and regulatory advisors. Graduates may also enter NHS Clinical Scientist and Clinical Engineer training programmes. 

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