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Medical Innovation and Enterprise BSc

This unique course is designed to close the gap between business and medicine, training a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of medical technology.

Medical Innovation and Enterprise Bachelor of Science Overview

Utilising UCL's world-leading expertise in areas such as regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, disease imaging and nanomedicine, this bachelor of science degree offers a creative, interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on understanding how this cutting-edge research can be commercialized into products that improve people's lives. 

Course benefits

  • This BSc degree is designed to capture brilliant medical scientists with ambitions to translate cutting-edge research into products and services that will transform the way we diagnose and treat disease.
  • After a thorough grounding in medical science in year one, this programme will offer a broad and cross-disciplinary view of the field, through modules designed in collaboration with experts from across UCL, including the Faculty of Laws and School of Management. You will then have the opportunity to focus on a chosen field, whether it be nutrition or nano-technology, or choose to develop more of a business focus to your studies. 
  • A spirit of creativity and enterprise is embedded within this course and combined with a rigorous scientific approach to medical research, students will develop sought-after skills in entrepreneurship and commercialization. Collaborative, problem led approaches to study, undertaken in small groups will allow you to develop the excellent communication and teamwork skills to succeed in a business environment.
  • You will have the opportunity to interact with biomedical entrepreneurs/innovators and benefit from "real-life" industry activities, such as creating your own business plan. This will provide essential experience for setting up your future enterprise or joining an existing biomedical enterprise.

Career Paths

Biomedicine is the second biggest employer in the UK, and the Medical Innovation and Enterprise Bachelor of Science degree was designed with this industry in mind. Graduate students will be uniquely placed to succeed in a competitive job market, with a suite of versatile skills, the ability to expertly communicate their work and a creative flair for business. 

Graduates will also benefit from UCL's global reputation and strong industry partnerships and will join alumni and academic staff already innovating medicine. The final year consultancy placement in industry will provide the opportunity to make valuable connections and work experience, to help them become the future leaders in medical innovation.

Our aim is to produce graduates who are not only equipped to be the scientists who produce the next generation of medical advances but are also able to develop and monetize those advances in the business world.

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