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Infection and Immunity BSc

A research-informed BSc degree that provides students with real insight into how discovery science is carried out at the very highest level

Infection and Immunity Overview

Infection is a global issue of growing importance, and this research-driven bachelor of science degree delivers a rigorous training in biomedical sciences with a focus on the latest scholarship in the field of infectious diseases and human immunity. We aim to produce a cohort of ambitious, inquisitive students who will be equipped to tackle urgent issues such as virus control, drug-resistance, cancer and immunotherapy.

Course benefits

  • Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the role of the immune system and infectious agents in health and disease, a broad knowledge of human body systems and organs, as well as insight into current research in the pathogenesis, prevention, and control of infectious diseases, mechanisms of immunity and immune dysfunction.
  • This biomedical science degree prepares students to start thinking like scientific investigators from the start, embedding in them a spirit of critical inquiry and equipping them with the skills in analysis and communication required to apply these skills and lead on new discoveries in the field of infection and immunity.
  • Teaching on this bachelor of science degree is firmly anchored in the vibrant academic community of the UCL Division of Infection and Immunity, and students will be exposed to, and encouraged to participate, in state of the art research
  • Infection and Immunity is an inherently interdisciplinary field. Infectious agents are fantastic tools for discovery in cell and molecular biology, immunology, human biology and evolution, making this BSc degree a great way to acquire a broad biomedical science knowledge.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme will have acquired a robust and transferable skills set: critical analysis, data interpretation, communication skills and independent thinking.

They will be well placed to apply to the most competitive postgraduate programmes and well equipped for a career in research, teaching, or associated biomedical professions.

Many students will choose further study, and this course’s robust training in research and research communication will ensure they are well-placed to excel on a PhD programme, move into teaching, or public-facing roles such as widening engagement.

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