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Applied Medical Sciences BSc

A Biomedical Sciences degree with a difference "Fusing Science with Medicine". This degree delivers a rigorous foundation in human body systems and biomedical sciences.

Applied Medical Sciences Degree Overview

Our main aim is to develop science graduates with a strong medical background, combining exceptional academic education with a focus on practical and thinking skills that will equip graduates for the highly competitive jobs market. This will give our graduates a huge advantage over current straight science and should equip them to drive research and innovation forward within medical research. 

Having hired many medical scientists throughout our careers, we know employers are looking not just for exceptional knowledge, but also superb practical laboratory skills, critical thinking ability, creativity, and a mastery of data interpretation, communication and writing. Thus, in addition to the core knowledge components of the programme, students will benefit from extensive practical work, in-depth discussion with practising researchers and clinicians, creativity workshops, writing coaching, a significant work placement with a real employer, and a self-directed research project.

You will also take part in a number of group projects variously designed to apply your knowledge of medical sciences to create an innovative and inventive product, to hone your creative skills in a real-world context, to enhance your presentation and writing skills, and to develop highly sought-after team working skills. Combined with advanced, technology-driven programme delivery using modern, evidence-based methods, and UCL’s world-beating reputation in medical sciences, our students emerge equipped to compete effectively in today’s competitive job market.

Course benefits

  • Covering every body system in detail, you will be taught the fundamentals of human biology and clinical medicine, gaining a thorough understanding of how human physiology works, and how to treat it when it goes wrong.
  • With a rigorous training in laboratory skills, effective science communication, and a month-long work placement, you will graduate as a highly employable individual, prepared to work at any level within the biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical industries, public health and more.
  • You will be taught by clinicians as well as basic scientists. With this fusion of science and medicine, you will graduate with a highly desirable skill set, a creative outlook and a versatile approach to learning.
  • You will have the benefit of sessions specifically designed to enhance creativity and inventiveness, with collaborative on-and-offline learning methods and competitive team-based projects, as well as a rich programme of inspirational talks by external speakers on science, medicine and the arts.
  • Join a thriving community of research scientists and clinicians working at the cutting-edge of their fields, and enjoy a diverse programme of talks and workshops by eminent scientists.

Career Opportunities

Applied Medical Sciences differs from most biomedical science degrees as students develop a very strong understanding of the foundations of medicine, with an emphasis on fusing science with medicine. The BSc degree is angled towards the development of an appreciation of how science helps us to understand and treat various diseases.

This applied science degree will enable you to become a highly skilled scientist who can make medicine work for patients. Alternatively, you might like to use your knowledge to find a career in research. You will also be able to adapt your skills to a variety of other professions where an understanding of science and medicine are crucial.

We expect all our graduates to be capable of working in any of the biomedical sciences that they choose to pursue. We envisage that our graduates will play key roles in clinical trials, biomedical research, nanotechnology, drug design, the pharmaceutical industry, the regenerative repair industry and postgraduate research.



Student View

"The degree brings you into regular contact with leading scientists and researchers in their fields, as well as notable guest speakers. You are encouraged to find what it is you 'want' to do - what really gets you interested. The Applied Medical Sciences degree will challenge you more than just intellectually."
Louisa Wilson - Applied Medical Sciences BSc Second Year

Frequently Asked Questions


The first year of UCL Applied Medical Sciences (AMS) mirrors quite closely to the Year 1 MBBS, including a lot of anatomy, physiology etc, more so than Biomedical Sciences. 

Both AMS and Biomedical Sciences students will focus on practical and laboratory skills during their studies.

However, because of the amount of input in both content and teaching from clinicians and clinician-scientists during the AMS degree programme, AMS graduates will be in a position to communicate with clinicians in their own language. This will put them at an advantage in the workplace.