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Our students give us their verdict on their experience of studying at the UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences.

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Undergraduate students

Dara Vakili

BSc Applied Medical Sciences

The Applied Medical Sciences course trains students to speak the language of medicine but think like scientists. The exposure to some of the best science in the world allows students to become extremely versatile.

The best thing about UCL is that you are surrounded by some extremely clever people in all different fields. The environment is diverse in its thinking but people are also very down to earth and fun.

Dara Vakili, BSc Applied Medical Sciences

Giselle Best

BSc Infection and Immunity

I chose this unique course after attending an open day and seeing the enthusiasm of the course leader. It constantly ignites my curiosity through its engaging, content-rich lectures and exposure to exciting ongoing research.

UCL is a great university, offering lots of opportunities, and I am very excited for what the future holds.

Giselle Best, Infection and Immunity

Shawn Lau

BSc Cancer Biomedicine

I really enjoyed an environment that allows us to pursue our own interests and dive into a variety of career pathways, from business to psychology to clinical pathways.

By working with world leading researchers, we gain invaluable skills and connections while contributing to science and our own communities. The perfect steppingstone for a long and impactful career.

Shawn Lau, BSc Cancer Biomedicine

Adriana Salame

BSc Nutrition and Medical Sciences

Every aspect of the course exceeded my expectations. Our professors and guest specialists delivered engaging content-rich lectures, covering body systems in health and disease, then the role of nutrition in modulating health across life.

We always enjoyed the practical activities that complemented our learning, and were assessed on real-life cases, both of which have developed our professional skills.

Adriana Salame, BSc Nutrition and Medical Sciences

Masud Miah

BSc Applied Medical Sciences

One of the best decisions I made was applying via adjustment. UCL offered great communication and answered any queries or concerns I had.

This course focuses on developing your own transferable skills for any future career pathway. It has helped me to develop my own interests and allowed me to tailor the course to what I enjoy.

Masud Miah, BSc Applied Medical Sciences

Simran Raheja

BSc Applied Medical Sciences

This course bridges the gap perfectly between science and medicine. The best part about studying at UCL is being around professionals at the forefront of research and having the chance to learn directly from them.

I truly appreciate the thought that goes into developing coursework that challenges our understanding and creativity while helping us solidify concepts taught in lectures and tutorials.

Simran's day-in-the-life blog

Simran Raheja, BSc Applied Medical Sciences

Hattie Palmer

MSci Medical Sciences and Engineering

This is a unique and exciting cross-faculty degree that bridges two interesting fields. Graduates have the unique position of being equipped with the knowledge to apply engineering solutions to medical problems.

UCL is a great place to study with academics conducting a range of incredibly inspiring research.

Hattie Palmer, MSc Medical Sciences and Engineering


Postgraduate students 

Nabeela Arbee

MSc Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health

When I saw the MSc Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health at UCL, I jumped at the opportunity because it bridges both things that I love - sports and medicine.

Being at UCL has opened so many doors for me to pursue exciting research and expand on my knowledge.

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Rami Alesi Slama

MSc Infection and Immunity

The course delivered and exceeded my expectations. I was able to learn a great deal in the fields of cancer immunology, autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies.

Lectures were delivered by leading experts, passionate about their work and most willing to interact and discuss with students. Most importantly, the programme staff genuinely cared about our success and wellbeing.

Ramy Alesi Slama, MSc Infection and Immunity

Lauren Mastrogiacomo

MSc Human Tissue Repair

You have access to great professors. You have state-of-the-art research. To have access to the labs, the facilities and the knowledge of the teachers here is amazing.

I'm looking at PhDs within stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. The good thing about the programme is it does leave your doors open.

Lauren Mastrogiacomo, MSc Human Tissue Repair

Harriet McCaffrey

MSc Pain Management

I chose the course based on UCL's reputation and its links with UCLH Pain Management Centre. Knowing that the university and hospital have a good reputation with regards to teaching and research were important to my decision.

As the course is online distance learning, the flexibility that comes with this is great. The online lectures and chapters are well designed and are easy to navigate through with really interesting reading and content.

Harriet McCaffrey, MSc Pain Management

Dr Nick Lygidakis

Paediatric Dentistry, DDent

UCL Eastman was my first choice for my postgraduate training. It has a reputation of excellent clinical and academic training and is well recognised amongst dentists in the whole world.

The environment is extremely friendly in my department. We are supported by very experienced NHS and academic staff, which provides a fantastic mixture of excellent training.

Dr Nick Lygidakis, Paediatric Dentistry DDent

Chongli Gao

MSc Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technologies

I am now in a rehabilitation company in Shanghai, China. I have attempted to apply the knowledge from our lectures to a real device for serving disabled cohorts, and I am still very enthusiastic about rehabilitation and hope to do more to serve disabled cohorts.

I really appreciate UCL's help during the programme. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot!


Lydia Mardell

MSc Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technologies

The REAT MSc provided me with the opportunity to submerge myself in a multi-disciplinary research and health care setting, using practical methods to study the topic. Lectures and seminars were led by experts from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds, including clinicians, academics and patients living with the studied condition, which was a great privilege. 

The programme provided me with a strong foundation in conducting research in this field which eased the transition to my PhD studies.

Lydia Mardell UCL Master's student


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