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Disruptive discoveries from UCL are changing the world we Iive in. UCL Faculty of Medical Science research is leading the way when it comes to solving real problems and creating positive impact. Find out more below about the top discoveries from UCL Faculty of Medical Science.


Sports Equipment

Oral health and hygiene habits of elite athletes

UCL Eastman Dental Institute has undertaken the largest epidemiological study of the oral health of elite athletes ever. We've found that despite reporting positive oral health-related habits, athletes have substantial amounts of oral disease. 
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masterswitch ucl

Masterswitch discovered in immune system could revolutionise treatment of major diseases

A critical pathway identified within the body’s immune system could potentially lead to new treatments for some of the most devastating human diseases.
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ucl hiv remission

UCL team achieves HIV remission in patient in second-ever case worldwide

UCL researchers led a breakthrough in HIV treatment by helping a man in London reach sustained remission from HIV after ceasing treatment.
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ucl pain-free woman

Woman with novel gene mutation lives almost pain-free

Jo Cameron, a woman living in Scotland, can feel virtually no pain due to a mutation in a gene that was identified for the first time by a UCL-led team.
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ucl human cells

New CAR T-cell therapy for leukaemia associated with fewer harmful side effects

A novel CAR T-cell therapy has been developed by UCL researchers and is designed to target cancer cells faster and cause fewer side effects.
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ucl research

Genetic discovery will help clinicians identify aggressive versus benign bone tumours

The first genetic marker for the bone tumour, osteoblastoma, has been discovered by scientists at UCL, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Francis Crick Institute.
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Meet a UCL Professor: 
Caroline Moore

caroline moore

Professor Caroline Moore is a trail blazer for women in science. As the first female professor of urology in the UK, she is a role model for all women considering careers in medicine and all women at UCL. Professor Moore is recognised for her contribution to improve how prostate cancer is diagnosed.

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