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The Faculty of Medical Sciences hosts UCL’s Medical Schools and is a powerhouse for biomedical research, education and training. The role of our Vice-Dean for Research Professor Ian Zachary is to ‘horizon scan’ and ensure excellence throughout our diverse research portfolio, through internal review and strategic discussion, and encouraging fundamental cross-disciplinary, translational and clinical research. 

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Individually and in collaboration, UCL experts develop insights relevant to the great challenges facing the world. Society reaps many benefits from their excellent research, some of which occur immediately, while others develop over years or generations.

We encourage our researchers to think creatively about how their work intersects with the world outside academia, and provide mechanisms to bring their wealth of knowledge, creativity and insight to the people and organisations who need it most.

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The Institutional Research Information System (IRIS) is the UCL research portal.

You can user it to identify the research activities of researchers, research groups, research centres and interdisciplinary networks across the whole of UCL. In addition you can search UCL's world class publications.

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Our dedicated animal research information website explains how UCL conducts animal research.

It includes descriptions of the processes governing research and the ‘3Rs’: replacing animal research with alternatives, reducing the number of animals used and refining experiments to minimise harm and discomfort to the animals. The site also lists up-to-date figures of how many animals of each species were used in UCL research last year.

Visit the animal research information website