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Nutrition and Medical Sciences BSc

UCL is a global leader in research on nutrition and obesity, child health, epidemiology and the psychology of disordered eating.

Bachelor of Nutrition and Medical Sciences Overview

Nutrition is an important concern with global consequences. This course examines the biomedical and societal effects of the food we eat, the benefits of a proper diet, and the worldwide impact of unhealthy eating. Students of the BSc Nutrition will join UCL's world-leading academic community working on obesity, child health, epidemiology and the psychiatry of disordered eating. 

Course benefits

  • Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health and the key to longevity and fast recovery from illness. On this Bachelor of Nutrition and Medical Sciences course, with its strong foundation in applied medical science and a focus on body systems, you will learn how nutrition relates to personal diet, lifestyle and modern patterns of disease.
  • This BSc Nutrition and Medical Science's holistic approach takes in the biomedical and societal effects of an unhealthy diet, obesity, malnutrition and disordered eating. 
  • Integrating the principles of biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology and basic anatomy with specialisms in sports nutrition, metabolism and studies of public health in both the developed and developing worlds, this bachelor's degree in nutrition and medical sciences will equip you with wide-ranging skills and knowledge, fostering a multi-disciplinary outlook and allowing you to consider diverse career options. 
  • Through hospital visits, laboratory practicals, varied learning methods and exciting extra-curricular offerings, you will be able to make the most of UCL's thriving and well-established culture of the study of nutrition, and its world-leading biomedical research community and facilities.

Career Opportunities

This unique Bachelor of Nutrition integrates nutrition science with a rigorous foundational training in human biology and clinical medicine, equipping graduates with the skills to thrive in a wide range of industries. Established over ten years ago and with a record of producing highly competent graduates on the related Masters degrees, students will benefit from UCL's world-recognised name in the field of nutrition.  

Graduates may choose to become dietitians or registered nutritionists, pursue further study or work within the pharmaceutical, health food or medicalised food industries.

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