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University of London and UCL launch Global MBA Health Pathway

7 September 2021

Tailored to people in the healthcare sector who want to advance to senior levels of management, the Global MBA Health Pathway has been developed around UCL’s world-leading expertise in healthcare.  

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A fully online and professionally accredited degree, the Global MBA with health specialism provides an opportunity for MBA students across the world to gain an in-depth understanding of the management, governance and leadership in one of the world’s most vital and rapidly growing sectors.  

The modules designed and developed by UCL for the health specialism pathway include: Resource Management in HealthcareRisk, Governance and Patient SafetyHealthcare Systems and Innovation and Quality Improvement.  

Dr Julie Andrews, Pathway Director Global MBA (Health), Associate Professor (UCL Medical School) and Consultant Microbiologist (Whittingon Hospital) has seen first-hand how rapidly the healthcare sector has changed in recent months in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and sees an MBA qualification as being relevant now more than ever:  

“I’ve been in healthcare for 25 years, and I’ve never seen my sector change so quickly in such a short period of time. We’ve had to be agile in terms of skills required to deliver services and learn to work with new technologies. There’s been disruption to the way we train and educate our teams, our trainees, and our patients. We are reliant on technology for all of that,” says Dr Andrews.  

“This MBA has even more value post-Covid than it did before because employers are looking for well-rounded people. This isn’t just about dealing with the pandemic. It’s about how to manage change. And significant change.” 

“In an unpredictable world, a programme that focuses on the predictability of human behaviour- and explores ways to prepare for it- is fundamentally important.” 

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