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Revenge of the bugs — and the body strikes back!

11 October 2023, 4:30 pm–5:30 pm

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Taster Sessions - virtual events designed to provide prospective students with an insight into UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences undergraduate programmes.

This event is free.

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Emiliana Di Donna

About the session

Bacteria are our ancient enemies, and many assume they have long since been defeated thanks to antibiotics. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. In this taster, you will discover how modern medicine is facing the real possibility of an unexpected slide back into the Dark Ages, when simple infections could kill and even straightforward operations were fraught with danger. While the world grapples with climate change and COVID-19, another ‘silent pandemic’ has been gathering steam: year on year, bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, and we still don’t have better solutions. Meanwhile, our bodies have evolved clever ways to fight these intruders, such as sentinel cells that patrol around, looking for trouble, and molecules that seek out and destroy bacteria. Unfortunately, the bugs always seem one step ahead — you will find out why, and what scientists are trying to do about it! The taster event will also include key course information and the chance to ask lots of questions to both teaching staff and current students. We hope to see you there!

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  • Live captioning will be available at this event
  • This event is taking place on Zoom Webinar

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About the Speakers

Prof Jennifer Rohn

Applied Medical Sciences BSc Programme Lead at UCL

Prof J. Rohn

Prof Jennifer Rohn is Head of the Centre for Urological Biology and runs a research laboratory studying treatment-resistant urinary tract infection. Based in UCL’s Division of Medicine, she is also a Deputy Director and Admissions Tutor for Applied Medical Sciences, the Programme Lead for the intercalated BSc in Clinical Sciences, and is heavily involved in teaching on a variety of courses in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Dr Andrew Williams

Associate Professor (Teaching) at UCL

Dr Andrew Williams

Dr Andrew Williams has a background in immunology and respiratory biology, and has held a variety of education leadership positions at UCL at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is based in the UCL Division of Medicine and is Year 3 lead for the UCL MBBS programme, overseeing a diverse portfolio of iBSc programmes for medical students from across UCL and external universities. His research interests include the immunology of the respiratory system and acute lung disease.