UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences


Information about SLMS Impact PhD Studentships

IMPACT studentships support collaborative partnerships between a UCL investigator and external organizations. They allow new partnerships to be established with industrial or enterprise partners, new opportunities for knowledge transfer with external organizations, or support and extend existing partnerships. In recognition of the value of such external partnerships in enterprise and knowledge transfer, UCL makes a significant contribution to the cost of the studentship so that the external partner needs to provide only part of the total funds required.

Please discuss potential applications with your Institute or Division Manager or Director early in the process and certainly prior to any commitment to an external partner. Studentships are part of the annual planning cycle and involve a financial commitment from your Institute or Division. The Vice-Deans, Enterprise, will evaluate the academic merits of individual cases, but only your institute can provide the financial authority for a studentship to progress.

Applications are accepted for IMPACT PhD studentships in each Faculty on a rolling basis. To be considered for an IMPACT studentship, a UCL investigator must identify an external partner and project that fulfills the criteria set out below. The external partner must be willing to commit appropriate supervisory or project support plus a financial commitment as outlined at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slms/enterprise/funding towards the cost of a three-year PhD. If approved, UCL will then provide the additional funding required. Awards may be used to support 4 year PhDs, where the additional year is charged in full to another source.

IMPACT awards cover home/EU fees, stipend (minimum UK Research Council with London weighting), and research costs of £1000/annum. Any additional costs must be charged entirely to the organisational partner. Awards may be used to support UK and EU nationals only.