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The UCL Faculty of Medical Science offers seven innovative Bachelor of Science Programmes. Make sure to register your interest to receive more information about these programmes.

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Applied Medical Sciences BSc

This programme is for passionate scientists who also want to gain an understanding of medicine to understand and treat major diseases. 

Petri dish

Infection & Immunity BSc

UCL is looking for ambitious, inquisitive students who want to tackle urgent issues such as virus control, drug-resistance, cancer and immunotherapy.

Laboratory Beakers

Cancer Biomedicine BSc

A radical perspective on the disease that will in some way affect the majority of people on earth. Study at the forefront of research in this unique degree.

Nutrition and Medical Sciences BSc

Nutrition & Medical Sciences BSc

Nutrition is an urgent concern with global consequences. Understand and learn to address the worldwide impact of unhealthy eating.

Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences BSc

Sport & Exercise Medical Sciences BSc

The first BSc to bring the rigour of the world of medicine to the exciting and growing field of Sport and Exercise Science. Be one of the next generation of leaders in this emerging area.

Medical Science

Medical Sciences & Engineering BSc/MSci

If you are passionate about innovation and engineering, this is the BSc that will provide you with the skills required to enter the exciting global world of medical technology.