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UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences has been at the forefront of innovation and research in the medical sciences, advancing medical knowledge with the discovery of adrenaline, the immune system, the hormone aldosterone, and auto-immune disease. Our internationally-acknowledged faculty of research leaders and dedicated team of NHS-based teachers provide our students with the highest quality education and training.

We partner with outstanding training hospitals that allow students to gain hands-on experience putting their education into practice, and getting valuable contact time with leading doctors and patients alike.

A unique combination of pioneering research, best in class academics and clinicians, cutting-edge facilities, world-renowned partner hospitals & institutions and location in the world’s most global city makes it one of the best places in the world to undertake medical education at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

UCL offers a whole range of integrated BSc Undergraduate Degrees that aim to bridge the gap between medicine and science, technology, business and innovation.

Put theory into practice in our Applied Medical Sciences degree, where the latests scientific advances are translated into clinical practice. Take the Medical Innovation and Enterprise Bachelor of Science and become an entrepreneur in the field of medical technology. Ever dreamed of developing a cure for cancer? Take another step towards achieving this by taking our Cancer Biomedicine BSc course.

Exceptional students looking to take their research further have the opportunity to do so with any one of our Postgraduate Courses. These range from Advanced Surgery Techniques to Dentistry to Biomedical Engineering to Oncology. Students have the option of taking one of our many taught masters courses, or pursuing a research-based PhD in a topic of their choosing.

At UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences, we constantly challenge ourselves to be more innovative – from the areas in which we research to the techniques we use to the technologies that we leverage. If you are intellectually curious, keen to push boundaries and seeking genuine challenges in your studies UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences is the place for you.



Our London Location

Our central London location gives us access to one of the world's most vibrant, cosmopolitan and influential cities. 

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Medical Work Experience

UCL graduates in medicine gain immensely from the final year consultancy placements that provide important opportunities to get hands-on clinical work experience and make valuable connections in the medical industry. This is invaluable in helping them become future leaders in their fields.

Undergraduate Courses

The Faculty of Medical Sciences offers eight cutting-edge Bachelor of Science undergraduate programs, three of which were recently added in 2019. Here is a list of the degrees offered with a brief description of the course content:

  • Applied Medical Sciences BSc - aims to shape minds that are ideally placed to translate scientific advances into clinical practice. With fresh, technology-led teaching and a strong focus on employability, this course is custom-designed to give our graduates every advantage for the future.

  • Medical Innovation & Enterprise BSc/MSci - offers a creative, interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on understanding how this cutting-edge research can be commercialized into products that improve people's lives.

  • Infection & Immunity BSc - delivers a rigorous training in biomedical sciences with a focus on tackling urgent issues such as virus control, drug-resistance, cancer and immunotherapy.

  • Cancer Biomedicine BSc - offers a radical perspective on the diagnosis, treatment and survivorship of people with cancer, and investigates human physiology, the biological mechanisms of cancer and its treatment, the socioeconomic impact of the disease and its impact on the arts and society.

  • Nutrition & Medical Sciences BSc - examines the biomedical and societal effects of the food we eat, the benefits of a proper diet, and the worldwide impact of unhealthy eating. Students of the BSc Nutrition will join UCL's world-leading academic community working on obesity, child health, epidemiology and the psychiatry of disordered eating.

  • Medicine MBBS - is anchored around key health problems, clinical presentations, and patient pathways. Students are introduced into the clinic environment early, and have valuable contact with experienced doctors while engaging regularly with patients.

  • Medical Sciences & Engineering BSc/MSci - combines innovation and technology with patient care. With a strong foundation in systems physiology and a focus on understanding health and disease, students will tackle real medical challenges encountered through teaching in world-class hospital facilities, and develop medical engineering solutions to revolutionise patient care, health and quality of life.

  • Sport & Exercise Medical Sciences BSc - synthesises the disciplines of sports sciences and clinical medicine to train future leading health professionals in a deep understanding of human body systems, and provide the research skills to innovate in the areas of elite sport and exercise performance and the prevention and treatment of chronic medical conditions.

Postgraduate Courses

UCL Medical Sciences offers both taught and research postgraduate courses.

Be at the forefront of solving some of the biggest medical issues of our time, and get the chance to work with some of the greatest minds in clinical medicine and science. Perform cutting-edge research in state-of-the-art facilities and have access to some of the world’s leading hospitals and institutes by enrolling in one of our postgraduate programs.

Taught Postgraduate Programs

Over 40 taught masters programs are available for you to choose from. Specialise in anything from clinical drug development to human tissue repair, as well as nanotechnology and regenerative medicine. UCL’s masters in medical science courses are very popular, as they provide excellent practical medical experience.

In conjunction with some of the top medical and scientific minds in the industry, we have recently developed and added three innovative and cutting-edge masters degrees to our offering.

The Precision Medicine MSc is the world’s first Masters in what we believe will be the basis for the next generation of healthcare – Personalised Medicine. Studying with world-leading experts and institutes you will cover topics from restoring vision to the latest advances in the treatment of cancer.

In the Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery MSc, UCL has developed the most innovative program in surgery in the world. Get hands-on experience with the most cutting-edge tools and methods available and future-proof your surgical career.

The Pain Management MSc explores one of the most rapidly developing fields in medicine. Recognising the urgent need for advanced expertise in this critical area, UCL has developed this new degree to be at the forefront of innovative clinical techniques and technologies.

Flexible Learning for Professionals - Our Online MSc Programmes

The UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences offers industry professionals the opportunity to expand their career prospects and personal horizons whilst remaining in work. Clinicians, scientists and healthcare professionals from across the world are able to do this through taking one of our online Masters programmes.

Postgraduate Research Programs

Talented students in any of the various divisions and institutes are afforded the opportunity to further their postgraduate research with a PhD. Each year, PhD candidates have the opportunity to present their research at the annual Dean’s Research Prize event. This is a great way to develop confidence in public speaking, while sharing interesting findings with peers, academics and the wider audience.


Diversity is at the core of University College of London.

UCL embraces the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion. We are proud that our graduate population is made up of students from many different cultures and countries and reflect broad intellectual interests.

These values are fundamental to the ethos of the University, and we feel that this promotes intellectual curiosity, productivity, and success. UCL takes great pride in the diversity represented on campus.

UCL is recognized as a world leader in Medical Science Education. Our medical department is made up of students from all over the world. Medical practice is a universal practice, therefore, we feel it is critical for our student demographic to be reflected by as many countries, cultures, and backgrounds as possible. Diversity and inclusion are key to nurturing success. This is why, at UCL, an enriching educational experience is strengthened by diversity.