UCL Medical School


Transfers into MBBS Year 4 and MBPhD Programme


  • Medical students at Oxford may apply for direct entry into Year 4 of the MBBS programme through the application process managed by the Oxford Medical School, John Radcliffe Hospital.
  • Academically able medical students at other UK Medical Schools may apply for transfer entry into Year 4 where there are exceptional reasons for seeking to transfer, where the student’s own Medical School has given permission for the student to approach UCLMS, and where the student’s medical school record demonstrates potential to thrive as a UCL Doctor: a highly competent and scientifically literate clinician, equipped to practise person-centred medicine in a constantly changing modern world, with a foundation in the basic medical and social sciences. 

    To be eligible to transfer, applicants must have completed, in the UK, 2 years of an equivalent undergraduate medical degree programme and an intercalated BSc, or have entered and completed 2 years of an equivalent undergraduate medical degree programme as a graduate entrant with a BSc which meets UCL regulations for iBSc exemption, and must be eligible to continue at their own Medical School.  Offers will be conditional on achieving, or having achieved, a 2:1 in the IBSc or BSc.

    Prospective applicants should submit an application form, a letter from their Medical School confirming that they have permission to apply, a full academic transcript, and a summary of the curriculum followed in their first 2 years of study.  

    Applicants will be required to attend an interview and, if offered a place, will be asked to provide evidence of their DBS and OH records.  Applications should be submitted to medsch.student-support@ucl.ac.uk  by 4th January each year and interviews will normally be held in late January/early February. UCLMS is normally able to offer up to 10 places per year.

    If applicants would like to discuss their application or visit UCL, they should contact the Medical School Student Support Team on medsch.student-support@ucl.ac.uk

  • Students wishing to enter the MBPhD programme at UCL Medical School must first apply for a place in Year 4 and then submit a separate application for entry to the MBPhD programme.  Full details of the MBPhD programme, application process and entry requirements specific to this programme may be found at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/mbphd/

Information about the programme of study at UCLMS may be found on our MBBS website at MBBS Overview.

Information about accommodation and fees may be found on the UCL website.  Transfer students are admitted as continuing students rather than as new entrants and so the same fee status applies as for existing programmes of study.  Please contact fees@ucl.ac.uk if you wish further clarification, making clear that your query relates to a transfer into Year 4 of the MBBS programme at UCL.