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Teaching and Learning in Medical Education (PGMEG011)

Module Overview

Using a combination of interactive distance learning and face-to-face lectures this module will provide students with an up to date knowledge of teaching and learning practice in medical education. Participants will be introduced to the theoretical underpinnings of teaching and learning (drawing on medical education research and the wider educational community) in addition to covering basic teaching skills in medical education, skills for teaching in clinical settings and teaching large groups. Participants will be required to participate in one online virtual seminar and submit one written assignment reflecting on their understanding of teaching practice.




This module aims to enable participants to recognise and develop the attributes of a good medical teacher; gain great knowledge of teaching and learning processes; plan effective teaching; develop practical skills and techniques to become more effective educators and; maximise teaching opportunities in the clinic or on the ward.

Module Learning Outcomes

Participants will develop skills that enable them to:

  • Plan and organise a teaching session in any setting
  • Use methods that help students become active participants
  • Formulate objectives appropriate to own teaching setting
  • Formulate questions that promote thinking
  • Apply these principles to timetabled and opportunistic clinical teaching
  • Teach clinical skills in a structured way that enhances learning
  • Adopt teaching practices that encourage clinical reasoning
  • Describe techniques for promoting interaction in both large and small groups
  • Select appropriate support materials for both large and small group teaching
  • Evaluate their own teaching behaviour
  • Reflect on and use feedback on their teaching skills to develop future practice



Mode of Delivery

This module will be delivered primarily through a VLE (Moodle 2). This approach combines educational methods that encourage self-directed learning, reflection on personal experience, critical thinking and access to extensive online resources. This will enable students to engage in collaborative learning and to be in regular contact with module tutors for a high level of academic support.

During this module participants will work through course materials and readings, undertake directed learning activities and participate in a two week asynchronous virtual seminar. This will build the foundations for their assessed teaching session and reflective assignment.

One full teaching day (7 hours) comprising three and hours of lectures followed by four hours of small group work will take place. Participants will build on their work in the VLE to plan and deliver a teaching session. This teaching session will be observed and assessed by module tutors.



Teaching dates 2017/18

This module runs once a year (subject to a minimum of 10 students) in the following teaching block:

Teaching BlockStartEnd Face to Face session (compulsory)Assignment due dateClosing date for applications
Block 2Monday 8 January 2018Friday 2 March 2018Tuesday 9 January 2018Thursday 5 April 201830 October 2017

Block 3
Monday 14 May 2018Friday 6 July 2018Tuesday 15 May 2018Thursday 9 August 201819 March 2018

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