UCL Medical School


About RDME

The Research Department of Medical Education (RDME) is an interdisciplinary department of clinicians, psychologists, linguists, philosophers and educationalists.

We are recognised nationally and internationally for our high standards of innovation and development in medical education research, especially in the area of assessment.

RDME aims to:  

  • Make a substantial contribution to medical education research nationally and internationally;
  • Work with medical regulators, healthcare providers, healthcare education providers, patients and the public, to ensure medical education research has real-world impact;
  • Provide high quality medical education research teaching and training for doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers;
  • Generate income through research and consultancy.

RDME is one of the UK’s top medical education research departments. We were the only department to submit under Medical Education in the Research Excellence Framework 2014. 

Our academic and research staff are from a variety of backgrounds (education, social science, psychology, philosophy and medical ethics, as well as clinical specialties) and contribute to our interdisciplinary educational research activities. 

Our research outputs and reputation are of national and international importance, particularly in the key area of assessment.