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Who we are

Clinical Teaching Fellows at UCL come from all medical specialities. Most Fellows are at registrar level when they join UCL.

See the profiles for more information about Clinical Teaching Fellows past and present, and the types of work that Clinical Teaching Fellows do.

Current Teaching Fellows


Dr Sid Agarwal

Dr Zakia Arfeen

Dr Hannah Barton

Clinical Teaching Fellow (Assessments)

I work with the other CTFs on constructing and delivering assessments for all years, but mainly years 4, 5, and 6. I am a senior tutor for the year 4 Case of the Month. Before joining UCL I had completed Core Medical Training and spent some time doing research abroad.

Dr Roshni Beeharry

Dr Sarah Bennett
Sarah Bennett…

Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow (Year 6 Curriculum and Assessment)

I have worked for UCL Medical School for the last 7 years. My CTF post mainly involves the curriculum review and assessment development in Year 6, for which I am also Deputy Academic Lead. I provide study skills support for students throughout the course, I am the lead for the Case of the Month module and I am a tutor on the RCP/UCL Masters programmes. My role also involves providing mentorship to the other CTFs in the department.

Dr Kerry Boardman

Kerry Boardman

Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow

I am a GP by background, with interests in clinical reasoning, communication, person-centred medicine, practical application of educational theory, wellbeing and support for struggling learners.

I currently tutor on the following Master’s modules: 

Contemporary Issues in Clinical Education 
Teaching and Learning in Medical Education
Clinical and Educational Supervision
Teaching Ethics and Law
Education for Healthcare Professionals

I also co-lead the diploma year of the joint RCP/UCL Master’s in Medical Education. 

Dr Shahid Bukhari

Dr Graham Easton

Graham Easton

Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow

Postgraduate Medical Education, programme tutor and module lead for Masters in Health Professions Education and Co-Lead for Diploma on RCP/UCL MSc in Medical Education. 

Dr Faruq Fazal

Dr Samantha Gallivan

Dr Anjali Gondhalekar

Dr Anjali Gondhalekar…

Clinical Teaching Fellow (Assessments)

My role has largely involved writing, developing, running, and reviewing assessments for the clinical students (Years 4, 5 and 6). I am also the Year 4 Case of the Month lead. I am currently on an out of programme experience (OOPE) from GP training.

Dr Jenny Hopwood

Dr Jenny Hopwood…

Clinical Teaching Fellow (GMC Development Unit)

My main role is to design and pilot tests of competence for the GMC. This role involves running SBA and OSCE writing days, preparing and running pilot examinations, and putting together examinations to be used in a GMC test of competence. I work part time as a CTF and spend half on my week in clinical practice as a GP.

Dr Adam Ibrahim

Dr Adam Ibrahim

Clinical Teaching Fellow (Years 1-3)

I update and mark the Y1 Case of the week course, teach in the CIF weeks and write the Nov formative exam.  With the year and assessment leads I help put together the summative exams.  In a similar way, I teach and help set the Y2 OCaPE, formative and summative exams.   I also teach PALS and Anatomy demonstrators teaching skills and/or assess teaching for them.

I left GP to move into psychiatry, and am taking a break after completing my CT3

Dr Osman Janjua

Clinical Teaching Fellow (Quality Assurance)

My role at UCL includes marking case of the month and case of the week courses, help develop assessments for clinical students and helping oversee case of the month for year 4. My other role at UCL is the quality assurance (QA) MBBS fellow, where I work alongside the QA team to assist students with the QA process.
The other part of my week I work as the MBBS fellow at North Middlesex University Hospital (NMUH). My roles include leading, planning, organising and delivering teaching for UCL students at NMUH, including clinical skills, case based tutorials and other modalities. I also help run and organise the UCL final year clinical examinations, including the OSCEs.
I have finished my foundation training and wanted to explore a teaching role further before continuing my training

Dr Jayne Kavanagh

Jayne Kavanagh

Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow

I am a Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow and medical ethics lead at UCL Medical School, and a sexual and reproductive health specialty doctor in North London. I set up UCL’s widening participation project Target Medicine, and Viva la Vulva, a reproductive rights action group for medical students.

I train medical students to speak about contraception, abortion and pregnancy decision-making in schools.  I am chair of the UCL equality, diversity and inclusion committee and am a member of the UCL LGBTQ+ equality advisory group.

I am co-chair of Doctors for Choice UK and co-founder of the Campaign for Contraception. In 2017 I produced and directed the documentary Kind to Women, to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act. I am a council member of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. 

Dr Miranda Kronfli


Clinical Teaching Fellow (Postgraduate)

I am a tutor on the Masters programmes in Health Professions Education and Medical Education, and am the module lead for the Introduction to Assessment, and Clinical and Educational Supervision modules. I am also the lead for Quality Assurance for the Postgraduate team with responsibilities for evaluation, reporting, and engaging students with the QA process. I have a background in Palliative Care and work in Clinical Communications research.

Dr Natasha Malik


Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow (Postgraduate)

I am a programme tutor on the MSc in Health Professions Education, and the programme lead for the UCLMS Training to Teach course. I also lead on faculty development including organising the annual UCL PGME health professionals education conference and running the UCL PGME & RDME Evening Seminar Programme. I work part time as a CTF and continue to work clinically in General Practice.

Dr Ahmed Rashid

Dr Ahmed Rashid

Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow (MSEC)

I work primarily in the UCL Medical School Education Consultancy. We are currently engaged in projects in a number of countries including Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Thailand. I help to design curricula, policies, and assessments, and regularly deliver faculty development courses to a variety of audiences.

Dr Tara Stewart

Dr Tara Stewart…

Clinical Teaching Fellow (Year 5)

I work with course leads and administrators to prepare assessment material, organise examiner training, and lead on Year 5 Case of the Month. I also review Year 5 course material and contribute to curriculum planning for Year 5. I’m a GP and I continue to work part-time alongside my CTF role.

Dr Jenan Younis

Clinical Teaching Fellow (CPP)