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What is Target Medicine?

UCL is committed to widening participation to ensure those with the ability, regardless of their background, will have the opportunity to apply for and succeed in higher education. UCL Medical School also recognises the importance of a diverse NHS that better reflects patients and their needs.  

Target Medicine (TM) is UCL Medical School’s Widening Participation initiative aimed at raising the attainment and aspirations of young people from underrepresented backgrounds into medicine.

Through Target Medicine we aim break down barriers to Medical School, support, guide and empower young people from diverse backgrounds with the potential to study Medicine, and help create an NHS that is reflective and understanding of a changing national population.

All events are free of charge. Students who take part in Target Medicine programmes are from non-selective state schools around Greater London who meet selected eligibility criteria.

Target Medicine currently comprises of the following programmes:

  1. Target Medicine Mentoring Scheme 
    A 12 month mentoring scheme for high achieving Year 12 students from underrepresented backgrounds aspiring to become doctors.
  2. Target Medicine Summer School 
    A week-long non-residential programme for Year 11 students considering a career in medicine. The summer school teaches young people about the pathway into medicine and gives them an opportunity to experience what it’s like being a medical student through hands-on workshops, projects, and an opportunity to work with real patients.
  3. Summer Challenge: Doctor’s Dilemma 
    A series of courses over six weeks for Year 12 students to explore medical ethics and different perspectives on a range of ethical issues. The programme encourages critical thinking and debate, and gives students valuable practice at crafting academic essays.
  4. Target Medicine Outreach 
    A series of aspiration raising events for pupils across key stages 2, 3, 4 and 5. Current events include Meet the Doctor, UCAT and BMAT information sessions and mock exams, admissions and interview preparation, and Target Medicine: BECOME - A one day event for Year 9 & 10 students from African and Caribbean backgrounds to explore what it’s like going to university and studying medicine


What is the Target Medicine Mentoring Scheme?

The Target Medicine Mentoring Scheme matches over 230 sixth form pupils with 60 UCL medical students, and provides guided lessons and targeted information, advice and guidance to support pupils to become more competitive medical school applicants.

The programme recognises that although young people from underrepresented backgrounds may have the aspiration, desire and ability to study medicine, they may not receive the necessary support and guidance when making their applications. The TM Mentoring Scheme aims to rectify this.

The work of volunteer mentors takes place to fit with the whole of the application process and therefore runs over a calendar year rather than an academic year.

As a volunteer mentor on the mentoring scheme, you and your team would work with a small group of sixth form students to give them a better understanding of what is needed to be a successful applicant to medical school. You would provide structured support and guidance to them throughout the application process.

There are several volunteer roles within the Mentoring Scheme:

  • Mentor: responsible for mentoring a small group of sixth form students and working your team of TM Mentors
  • Team Leader: responsible for mentoring a small group of sixth formers and leading a team of TM Mentors. Medical Students must have mentored for at least one year to apply for a Team Leader role.
  • Deputy Student Lead: responsible for supporting the student lead in coordination and management of Mentoring Scheme. Medical students must have mentored for at least one year to apply for Deputy Student Lead.
  • Student Lead: responsible for supporting team leaders and mentors, coordinating and managing lesson plans and mentoring sessions, and working closely with the Target Medicine Manager and Academic Lead for oversight over Target Medicine. Medical students must have mentored for at least one year to apply for Student Lead, with preference given to those with Team Leader experience.

What training and support will I receive?

As a Target Medicine volunteer you will be fully trained in mentoring, presentation skills, child protection and safeguarding and group work. This training takes place on Wednesday evenings during the autumn term. The scheme is structured to ensure every volunteer mentor is well supported by team leaders, peers and staff.

What’s in it for medical students?

  • The opportunity to inspire and enable others to study medicine
  • The satisfaction of contributing your personal experience with the next generation
  • The opportunity to mentor school/college students
  • Working with like-minded peers
  • Training opportunities
  • Gaining key transferable skills including team work, event organisation, teaching, presentation, project management, leadership and group work
  • Priority for paid work opportunities within Target Medicine
  • Recognition through the Volunteering Services Unit
  • Supporting a worthy cause
  • Fun!

How to apply for the 2019/20 programme:

For more information including the mandatory volunteer training and mentor session dates for 2019/20, please read the Application Guidelines 

Once you are confident you can commit and would like to apply, please follow the link below to the volunteer application form. 

Volunteer application for Target Medicine Mentoring Scheme

Deadlines for Applying:

Team Leader Applications:

  • Y4 & Y5: 10am - Wednesday 11th September 2019
  • Y2 & Y3: 10am - Monday 30th September 2019

Mentor Applications:

  • Y2 SSC: 5pm – Thursday 3rd October 2019
  • All other applications (including Y1 SSC): 5pm - Sunday 6th October 2019