UCL Medical School


Volunteer Methods

Suggest a patient volunteer

If you are a doctor working in outpatients in any local hospitals, community services or GP services, we would be very grateful for your help in recruiting patient volunteers.

There are a number of ways you can pass on the details of patients you feel would be appropriate and willing.

What we require:

You do not need to explain all the details of the process to the patient as we will do this, but should explain briefly what is involved in participating in an undergraduate or postgraduate medical examination programme. 

Once you have confirmed that the patient is happy for us to contact them please pass on their contacts details via email: to the UCL Medical School Patient Database address: uclmspd@nhs.net

Examples of appropriate signs, symptoms and diagnoses are provided. In particular it is useful if the clinical signs are stable over a period of months.

The essential information needed:

  • patient name
  • patient telephone number
  • brief details of signs and symptoms
  • confirmation that the patient is happy to be contacted 
  • confirmation that the patient is well enough to attend exams (i.e. not on oxygen or iv drips)

Are you a patient who would like to volunteer?

Please contact your doctor and ask them to put you forward by one of the mechanisms above.