UCL Medical School


Virtual Teaching

There are a couple of opportunities to contribute to student teaching via virtual programmes. These may fit in easier with your rota, and may be easier to commit to if you not on the main sites. However, they all require a time commitment so read through the information carefully and plan ahead.

Case of The Month

Case of the Month is an online, interactive, patient case programme for final year students. It exists in the UCL Moodle Virtual Learning Environment. You could become a CoTM tutor, or case writer.

Case of the Month Tutor

Tutors are responsible for marking cases and giving feedback to around 10 students. Tutors mark 6 cases per year; each case takes 4-8 hours to mark. Marking starts in September and continues until April, so this is a lengthy commitment (although you will get a couple of months off when your students are on elective!), and it is very important that you reliably meet the marking deadlines as otherwise cases cannot be reopened to the students. 

CoTM is a great way for Foundation and Core Trainees to get involved in teaching, and can be fitted in around your other clinical and social commitments. It requires skills in mentorship and giving feedback; has elements of formative and summative assessment; and will give you experience in using a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) - all great for your educational portfolio! Interested? Contact Dr Sarah Bennett.

Case of the Month Case Writer

If you are creative and would like experience in creating teaching materials, you could write a case. They need to be progressive, interactive and go beyond factual recall, integrating elements from the Clinical and Professional Practice modules. They include integral questions and assessments. The majority of case writers will have been previous CoTM tutors (or recent UCL students) and so will have an understanding of what the cases involve. 

Up for the challenge? Please contact Dr Sarah Bennett for further information & for details of any upcoming workshops.

Reflective Practice Tutor

Year 4 students complete 2 short essays reflecting on a case or situation that they found interesting or challenging. Tutors are responsible for marking essays and giving feedback for around 12 students. The essays are marked in February and April each year, and it takes around 4 hours to mark 1 set of essays.

This is another great teaching opportunity for Foundation and Core Trainees, and requires you to develop skills in mentorship, providing feedback, and using a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). You will have to hone your own reflective skills too. All great material for your ePortfolio! You will need to attend a training event before you start marking.  If you are interested please contact Ayana Sakey for further details.