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The District General Hospitals

There are many opportunities to get involved in medical student teaching in the DGHs. Students in different years rotate to DGHs for placements, and final year students have extended placements or assistantships, where they integrate into the clinical team. They should be encouraged to take a supported, active role in patient care. 

As a junior doctor you can support the students attached to your team and provide lots of on-the-job teaching and role modelling. DGHs reward the most committed teachers with local awards. Talk to your local Undergraduate Lead for more information. In addition, Top Teacher awards and Certificates of Merit are up for grabs! 

Other opportunities, which vary from site to site, include:

  • Junior Supervisor to Student Assistant

    • As an FY doctor you can supervise and give feedback to final year students performing day-to-day tasks of an FY1. Students are attached to an FY doctor during their assistantship. These attachments occur between September and April and are a great opportunity to reflect on your skills in supervision and mentoring. Talk to your local DGH Undergraduate Lead and read the UCL student assistantship factsheet.
  • Twilight or Breakfast clinical teaching

    • Weekly sessions led, organised and delivered by FYs occur at many sites. These run from September to April. Apply to your local DGH Undergraduate Lead to get involved in a programme at your hospital. 
  • Revision courses

    • Revision courses occur at all DGH sites and include mock OSCEs and DR WHO courses. Some roles are for ST3 and above only, but there are opportunities for doctors at all levels to get involved in some way. Contact your local DGH Undergraduate Lead for more advice on how to get involved. 
  • SBAR teaching 

    • Final year students have teaching on using the SBAR handover format, which is organised and delivered by junior doctors. Contact local DGH Undergraduate Lead for more information.

Site Contacts

  UG tutor/site sub-deanUndergraduate Administrator
 BarnetPuja AyrtonMohammed Hafeez
 BasildonDr Shilpa SelvanJulie Smith
 ListerDr Mary LynchApril Hall
 Luton and DunstableDr. Muniswamy HemavathiSu Gill
 North MiddlesexDr Paul MaxwellCharles Spady
 WatfordDr Ashley ReeceBillal Khwaja