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UCLMS Seminar: 'Practicing professionalism in an age of digital social networking': exploring the digital divide

22 March 2013

Dr Scott Rice – Practicing professionalism in an age of digital social networking:  exploring the digital divide

Thursday 25th April 4.00pm – Joint Library of Ophthalmology, Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

"The rise in participatory digital technologies has resulted in complex moral and ethical issues emerging as result of the blurring of professional, public and private identity. At the heart of this is the notion of professionalism and what it is to be a professional. While Doctors continue to be held in high regard by society, digital technologies are presenting hazards for medical professionalism.

I will consider the literature surrounding professionalism and identify key issues for discussion, exploring how the nature of digital media is blurring public/private boundaries and how traditional concepts of medical professionalism are being challenged and destabilised.  Considering ethics in the context of internet education,

I will attempt to extrapolate the principles of professionalism in an age of super-complexity and argue that alternative models are required for a ‘digital native’ generation."

You are invited to attend our next seminar at the Joint Library of Ophthalmology. The main talk will begin at 4.30 so please join us beforehand for refreshments and an introduction to the Library and its many interesting ophthalmological archives and objects!

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