UCL Medical School


Top Teachers and Administrators Awards 2014-15

Year 1 Winners

Circulation and Breathing

Dr Leslie Dale (UCL, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology)

Dr Jonathan Fry (UCL, Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology)

Foundations of Health and Medical Practice

Dr Finn Werner (UCL, Structural & Molecular Biology) 

Dr Sandra Martelli (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology) 

Dr Ian Edwards (UCL, Anatomy)

Fluid, Nutrition and Metabolism

Dr Greg Campbell (UCL, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology)

Ms Charmain Dawson (UCL, Physiology)

Infection and Defence

Prof. Peter Delves (UCL, Dept of Immunology)

Dr Richard Milne (UCL, Dept of Immunology)

Year 2 Winners

Endocrine Systems and Regulation

Dr Pam Houston (UCL, Biomedical Sciences)

Dr Bernard Khoo (Royal Free Hospital, Endocrinology) 

Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology

Dr Alan Bates (UCL, Cellular Pathology)

Dr Sandra Martelli (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Neuroscience and Behaviour

Prof Christopher Yeo (UCL, Anatomy & Developmental Biology)

Prof Fred Spoor (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Year 4 Winners

Module A

Dr Chee Loong (Whittington)

Dr Rodric Jenkin (Whittington)

Dr Daniel Marks (UCL, Centre for Molecular Medicine)

Module B

Prof Anisur Rahman (UCLH)

Dr Christos Toumpanakis (Royal Free)

Dr Rachel Westbrook (Royal Free)

Module C

Dr Julie Andrews (Whittington)

Dr Bernard Davis (Whittington)

Year 5 Winners

Child and Family Health

Dr Johnny Canlas (Whittington)

Dr Jonathan Cohen (UCLH)

Dr Rose Crowley (Whittington)

Dr Michael Eisenhut (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Adam Friedmann (Whittington)

Dr Trevor Hedges (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Charlotte Holland (North Middlesex)

Dr John Moreiras (Whittington)

Dr Sam Mukerjee (Basildon)

Women’s Health and Men’s Health

Miss Amma Kyei-Mensah (Whittington)

Year 6 Winners

Dr Ritwik Banerjee (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Kalpesh Bershedas (Barnet)

Dr Parthipan Pillai (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr William Topping (Lister)

SSC Winners

Year 1 SSCs 

Dr Claire Elliott (UCL, Medical Humanities)

Dr Katherine Harrison (Whittington)

Dr Zaheer Mangera (Royal Free)

Mr Clive Mason (UCL, British Sign Language)

Dr Jacqueline Pitchforth (Whittington)

Dr Scott Rice (UCLH)

Dr Zalli Agirta (UCL, Research Department of Infection and Population Health) 

Year 2 SSCs 

Dr William Lynn (Ealing Hospital)

Ms Asma Ashraf (UCL, Research Department of Infection and Population Health)

Year 6 SSCs

Mr Manolis Gavalas (UCH)

Dr Philip Lodge (Royal Free Hospital)

Dr Rob Stephens (UCH)

Vertical Module Winners

Dr Amanda Band (Royal Free)

Dr Deborah Kirklin (Whittington)

Dr Heather Suckling (Whittington)

Dr Farah Paruk (Whittington)

Dr Eileen Rosenfelder (Royal Free)

Ms Deidre Wallace (Royal Free)

Ms Janeen Hughes (Royal Free)

Dr Susan Snoxall (Bloomsbury)

GP Winners

Dr Riadh Dawood

Dr Jeremy Marshall

Dr Russell Hearn

Top Administrators Awards

Ms Julie Smith (Basildon)

Ms Anne Collings (North Middlesex)

Mr Mohammad Hafeez (Barnet)

Miss Christina Mandersen (Barnet)

Mrs Chloe Marshall (Bloomsbury)

Mr Yusuf Ozkizil (Institute of Child Health)

Ms Anne Thurston (Bloomsbury)

Ms Su Gill (Luton & Dunstable)

Ms Hannah Golec (Royal Free)

Ms Louise Hurford (Queen's Square)

Ms Eibhlin Mullarney (Whittington)