UCL Medical School


Top Teachers and Administrators 2013-14

Year 1 Winners

Circulation and Breathing

Prof. Michael Gilbey (UCL, Neuroscience & Pharmacology)

Dr James Goldring (Royal Free, Respiratory Medicine)

Foundations of Health and Medical Practice

Dr Finn Werner (UCL, Structural & Molecular Biology)

Fluid, Nutrition and Metabolism

Dr Greg Campbell (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Ms Charmain Dawson (UCL, Physiology)

Infection and Defence

Dr Bambos Charalambos (Medical Microbiology, Royal Free)

Prof. Peter Delves (UCL, Dept of Immunology)

Dr Kate Ward (UCL, Dept of Infection)

Year 2 Winners

Cancer Biology

Dr Leslie Dale (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Endocrine Systems and Regulation

Dr Pam Houston (UCL, Biomedical Sciences)

Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology

Dr Alan Bates (UCL, Cellular Pathology)

Prof. Fred Spoor (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Neuroscience and Behaviour

Prof. Christopher Yeo (UCL, Anatomy & Developmental Biology)

Year 3 (iBSc) Winners

Dr Melanie Coathup (Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital)

Prof Stephen Davies (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Dr Kevin Fong (UCH)

Dr Richard Milne (Centre for Virology, Royal Free)

Dr Carole Reeves (UCL, Department of Science and Technology Studies)

Mr Mike Rowson (UCL, Institute of Child Health)

Dr Karin Shmueli (UCL, Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering)

Year 4 Winners

Dr Julie Andrews (Whittington)

Dr Bernard Davis (Whittington)

Dr Tom Doherty (Hospital for Tropical Diseases)

Dr Christian Hasford (UCH)

Dr Ben Lovell (Royal Free)

Dr Joanna Porter (UCH)

Prof. Anisur Rahman (UCH)

Year 5 Winners

Child and Family Health

Dr Mas Ahmed (Queen’s)

Mr Adam Friedmann (Whittington)

Dr Benita Morrisey (North Middlesex)

Women’s Health and Men’s Health

Dr Sudhanshu Chitale (Whittington)

Miss Amma Kyei-Mensah (Whittington)

Care of the Older Person/End of Life and Specialist Practice

Dr Rhodri Edwards (Whittington)

Year 6 Winners

Dr Ritwik Banerjee (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Lucy Harvard (Royal Free)

Ms Caroline Kirby (Lister)

Dr Parthipan Pillai (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Adam Zenkner (Watford)

SSC Winners

Year 1 & 2 SSCs

Dr Wendy Birch (UCL, Anatomy & Developmental Biology)

Dr Beth Good (Clinical Teaching Fellow)

Dr William Lynn (Ealing Hospital)

Year 6 SSCs

Dr Duncan Carmichael (Whittington)

Mr Manolis Gavalas (UCH)

Dr Julian Gillmore (Royal Free)

Dr Rob Stephens (UCH)

Vertical Module Winners

Dr Derick Adigbli (UCL)

Ms Amanda Band (UCL)

Dr Natalia Barry (UCL)

Dr Fiona Stevenson (UCL)

Dr Heather Suckling (UCL)

Dr Beth Walker (UCL, Clinical Teaching Fellow)

GP Winner

Dr Russell Hearn (The Morris House Group Practice)

Top Administrators Awards

Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals

Ms Julie Smith (Undergraduate Administrator)

UCL Medical School Administration

Ms Sue Beesley (MBPhD Programme Administrator)

Ms Victoria Clausen-Thue (Year 4 & 6 Assistant Administrator)

Miss Sally Gowiely (Assistant Administrator)

Mr Andrew Houghton (Year 1 & 2 Assistant Administrator)

Ms Chloe Marshall (Policy & Planning Officer (Years 4-6)

Mr Neil McWhirter (Year 5 Administrator)

UCL School of Life & Medical Sciences

Mrs Sandra Gerrard (Course Administrator, Primary Care & Population Health)

Ms Anushka Magan (iBSc Physiology and Pharmacology Administrator)

Mrs Nadine Mogford (Cell & Development Biology, UCL)

Ms Biljana Nikolic (Teaching Administrator, Division of Infection & Immunity)

Mr Tom Olney (Teaching Administrator, Division of Medicine)

Ms Caroline Smith (Teaching Administrator, Institute of Child Health)