UCL Medical School


No-Show Reporting

This service is for MBBS students to report ‘No shows’, i.e. unexpected cancellations of teaching where no alternative teaching has been provided, by completing a short reporting form:

No-Show Reporting Form

We will ask you to include the following information: Scheduled start-time of teaching; Title of teaching event; Subject and Location and any additional, useful information.

Anecdotally, this problem is widespread and common but the School does not have verifiable evidence so we need you to report it.

The QAU will monitor teaching cancellations, demonstrate that it is a problem, and begin to address it.

Please note: this is a reporting service only.  It is advisable to contact module administrators on-site who may be able to find a replacement teacher.

How to Report Cancelled Teaching

  • Wait until at least 10 minutes after teaching was due to start
  • Complete the No-Show Reporting form 
  • Include the following information:

    • Scheduled start-time of teaching
    • title of teaching event
    • Subject
    • Location and any additional, useful information

Additional Information

  • All reporting will be handled confidentially
  • The information will go to the Quality Assurance Unit, who will disseminate it appropriately