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2TiME conference

2TiME: 16th October 2012

"Excellent day, exceeded my expectation. Really useful and thought provoking."

The 2TiME conference focused on Developing your career in medical education. We heard a great introduction about the variety of careers available in medical education which was illustrated by two inspiring speakers at the start and finish of the day who told us about their very contrasting careers in medical education. In between, we had a variety of workshops, and the Question Time panel, with questions and discussion ranging from practical advice on getting involved in medical education to "what I wish I had known when I started in medical education".

Some of the key themes of the day were to be flexible and take opportunities as they present themselves, and to embrace change. All of the speakers emphasized that although being involved in medical education involves hard work, it is extremely enjoyable - "I wish someone had told me how much fun it was going to be!".

"Brilliant, useful and highly relevant day"

We are putting up some of the slides from the workshops and presentations. You can find them here:

Workshop: Organising SSCs and attachments

Workshop: Getting in to medical education as an undergraduate

Workshop: Social media and medical education

Workshop: Education research - getting started

Workshop: Education research - getting published

"Thank you for an excellent and inspirational day!"