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1TiME Conference

The inaugural Trainees in Medical Education (TiME) conference: Trainees in Medical Education: Educators of tomorrow was attended by 39 trainees and 7 medical students with an interested in medical education. Thanks for all your feedback, we are really grateful that you took the time to give such helpful comments. We’ve summarised some of the feedback and what we’re going to do below.

Advertising the conference, communication and organisation. Too few people knew about it, and some people found out too late to be able to take study leave. We will advertise much more widely for future TiME conferences. There were a number of comments about not receiving receipts, not knowing whether a place was confirmed or not etc. We will try to improve our communication with delegates in the future.

Portfolios. Several people were disappointed by being unable to attend this workshop as it was full. We will run this workshop again at the next conference.

Careers pathway guidance. There were a lot of comments that people would like more guidance on career pathways in medical education, how to get fellowship jobs, what fellows actually do etc. We will try to include more of this in future conferences, perhaps similar to Gavin  Johnson’s presentation.

Education research. Some people indicated they would be interested in workshops or presentations on this. We did not cover this really in the conference, but will consider including a session in future TiME conferences.

Student-specific topics/workshops. The TiME conference was aimed primarily at postgraduate trainees, so the workshops were not generally written with students in mind. However, we will consider including some student-specific workshops next time.

More time for socialising/networking, more time for discussion, clearer start time. The next conference will be over a whole day rather than half a day, giving more time for questions to speakers, and more breaks for networking.