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TiME conferences

There are an increasing number of junior doctors who combine their interest in medical education with clinical training. There are a range of formal teaching posts available and many trusts, deaneries and universities have one or more doctors in these posts. There are also many more junior doctors in training who would like to learn more about how to increase their involvement and experience in medical education.

The Trainees in Medical Education (TiME) national conferences are a chance for us to get together, share our experiences and ideas, and learn more about careers in medical education. 

The Trainees in Medical Education conferences (TiME) are run by our clinical teaching fellows

Previous Conferences:

  • 6TiME: 22nd November 2016
    “This was a very useful and well planned conference - I enjoyed myself a lot but also learnt a huge amount about medical education. Thank you for organising such a great event!”
  • 5TiME: 7th June 2016
    "Excellent speakers, variety of topics - all relevant - covered in one day!"
  • 4TiME: 22nd October 2014
    "Congratulations - great conference!"
    "Really enjoyed the day, well structured conference!"

  • 3TiME: 11th June 2013
    “Really fun and informative day; finally getting to know what medical education is all about!”
    “Fantastic, very enjoyable and thought provoking”

  • 2TiME: 16th October 2012
    "Excellent day, exceeded my expectation. Really useful and thought provoking." "Brilliant, useful and highly relevant day" "Thank you for an excellent and inspirational day!"
  • TiME: 12th April 2012