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Integrated BSc

The iBSc year allows students to pursue an individual subject, of their choice, in considerable depth, with a strong emphasis on undertaking an extended research study. Active engagement with UCL’s connected curriculum means that students are encouraged to integrate this research intensive year into their ongoing medical studies and across all modules taken during the year.

The multi-faculty, multi-disciplinary structure of UCL means that we are in a strong position to offer a wide range of degree programmes of high academic standing (currently 18 programmes but this is subject to change). Detailed information about the available Integrated BSc programmes is made available to students during their second MBBS year.  Occasionally individual students ask to take an IBSc externally and special approval may be granted where a student has a particular interest in a programme which is not offered at UCL. 

Places are offered to UCL Medical Students through an allocation process which is managed by the Medical School as set out on the iBSc Moodle Course. 

A small number of IBSc programmes additionally offer places to external medical students through an application process which is managed by the relevant IBSc department in conjunction with UCL central admissions.  Programmes which are known to offer places to external students are listed below and external students should visit the departmental webpages or email the named contact.  

To be eligible to take an IBSc at UCL, external medical students must have completed, in the UK, 2 years of an equivalent undergraduate medical degree programme and be eligible to continue at their own medical school. Applicants must fulfil any additional criteria set out by IBSc programmes and UCL’s minimum academic requirements for undergraduate entry.

Most students studying medicine outside the UK are not eligible to apply as UCL iBSc programmes are designed to lead on from the knowledge gained during years 1 and 2 of UCL’s MBBS or the curriculum at other UK medical schools which are regulated by the General Medical Council and have general areas of commonality.  Therefore UCL only accepts students studying outside the UK onto iBSc courses from a small number of partner institutions with which UCL Medical School has an existing academic collaboration and has evidence that students have completed two years of medical education equivalent to the first two years of the UCL MBBS programme. The home institution therefore needs to have a pre-existing articulation agreement in place with UCL for an application to be considered.

Current UCL Medical Students

Our current year 2 students will be automatically enrolled on to the relevant Moodle course for information about the allocation process and details of iBSc programmes offered. Please email medsch.mbbsy3@ucl.ac.uk if you have any queries.

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