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MBBS Year 4 Course Information

Integrated Clinical Care

This year aims to integrate knowledge of the clinical sciences into clinical practice and, by utilising extensive clinical practice and workplace based learning, in conjunction with formal teaching sessions, it also allows further development of the Clinical and Professional Practice themes and builds on the systems-based modules of years 1 and 2.

The year is divided into four parts: a short Foundation of workplace based and patient centred learning course followed by three long attachments based in hospitals and associated community and GP settings. During the year you will focus on core presentations and the three broad categories of clinical care: community based care, ward based care and emergency care.

In each attachment you will have a substantial period within a hospital to begin to know your teachers and the healthcare teams and how the hospital works. You will have opportunities to learn from patients and clinicians in the broad areas of medicine and the general medical specialties and interventions including surgery and anaesthesia.

The theme of Year 4 is ‘integrated clinical care’. The aims of this year are to:

  • help you to learn from healthcare experiences
  • become skilled at interviewing and examining patients with a range of problems across the range of healthcare settings
  • become familiar with the ways in which patients access the healthcare system and the pathways of care for a range of common presentations
  • understand the integrated approach to diagnosing and managing patients’ problems
  • safely and clearly document information about patients and their care in a clinical notes system

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