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Medical Student Money

Find out how to get help with your finances - including support from the Medical School as well as UCL and other sources

We have many bursaries and scholarships – some funded by UCLMS and some by alumni, staff and other supporters – to help medical students have the best possible experience of university, in what is a really demanding and challenging 6-year course.

Students can apply for funds for emergency situations, general hardship, or to help with extra costs associated with studies such as conferences and other activities.

Most awards can be applied for by current students via Moodle - look for MBBS Bursaries

Opportunities include:

  1. Emergency bursaries
  2. General support bursaries
  3. Elective bursaries
  4. Conference funding
  5. Travel
  6. Heller bursaries
  7. Start-up Support Fund
  8. Medical Student Support Fund
  9. UCL support
  10. External funding

Emergency Bursaries: applications for emergency funds to help with unexpected or one-off needs can be submitted throughout the year. Apply via Moodle (MBBS Bursaries).

General support bursaries: the majority of our financial need bursaries are awarded through an annual application process which opens in January and closes in October each year, with awards made in November. Apply via Moodle (MBBS Bursaries).

Elective bursaries: all of our elective bursaries are awarded through an annual application process which opens in January and closes in October each year. Awards are made in November. Details of externally-funded bursaries can be found on Moodle as well as our own application form (MBBS Bursaries).

Conference funding: we have some funds to assist with the costs of presenting at conferences - up to 50% of the fees and travel to a maximum of £250. You can receive funding once during the MBBS course. If conferences are during term time, you must obtain permission to be absent from the course before applying for funding. Apply via Moodle (MBBS Bursaries) for awards throughout the year.

Travel: We have a fund to assist with journeys home which might otherwise prove difficult. Contact the Student Support Manager for details. No further funds are available for travel to UCL or placement sites.

Heller bursaries: These annual bursaries are for medical students wishing to take a part-time course in arts and humanities - anything from singing classes, to language lessons to juggling will be considered! The donors, Lord and Lady Heller, hope that an extra-curricular course in arts will benefit students' well-being, help relieve the stress of an intensive medical course and provide a more rounded experience of university life. Apply via Moodle between January and June each year for awards in the autumn.

Start-up Support Fund: We worked with our student African-Caribbean Medics Network to develop a fund to encourage and support young Black men considering medicine as a career. This innovative approach includes three strands:

  • A £200 ‘welcome to UCLMS’ bursary to each new Black British male student
  • Grants to help Black male students thrive during the course, by supporting them with activities such as attending conferences, getting research published, educational placements etc.
  • Paying Black male students as ambassadors to visit schools and inspire the next generation of medical students and doctors

Apply by contacting Student Support with details on which strand you are interested in.

Medical Student Support Fund: This fund is open to all medical students, with a focus on those from WP or under-represented backgrounds and those who contribute to their community in some way. Awards vary in amount depending on your need and can be for emergency situations, to help achieve a certain education-related goal, or to help those financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

To apply, email Deanne Attreed, or another UCLMS staff member, with details on your situation. The staff member will then propose the application to the Director of UCLMS for approval.

UCL support: UCL also has funds and resources available to you. More information can be found on their website, including guides such as examples of student living costs, budgeting advice and how to make an appointment with an advisor.

External funding: Many other institutions have funding opportunities for medical students. Some of these require us to nominate students to them, such as:

  • The George Drexler Foundation has awards available for up to 5 UCL students annually, to a maximum of £15,000 in total. Applicants must have a personal or family link with commerce. Look out for the Moodle notification from us with details each January.
  • The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries also ask us to propose two Year 5 or Year 6 students each year to receive a maximum of £1000 each. Look out for the Moodle notification from us in spring.


Get in touch if you would like help in reaching out to our other supporter networks.

Please be aware that we do ask for details of your income and expenses, as well as supporting evidence - all of this means we can make careful and well thought-out decisions and it means we can transfer your award more quickly! Your supporting statement is really important and gives us context on your individual situation so we can help you as much as possible.

Any information you provide will be confidential and only assessed by the Student Support Manager and the MBBS Bursaries Committee where completely necessary

It can also be invaluable to speak to someone about finance and any money worries. Money can cause considerable stress which can lead to other issues such as lack of sleep or concentration, or over-stretching yourself and we can help with all of these things.

Talk to us!

Please make an appointment with our friendly Student Support team if you are experiencing difficulties and would like to talk to someone.