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Guide to Medical Student Support Systems

Our first priority is to offer you support for any problems.

We recognise that medical students are subject to all sorts of pressures and some may find the MBBS course stressful at times and we would like to emphasise that having difficulty at some time in the course is common.

Our aim is to support students through any difficult times, and we are keen to encourage students to seek help early and come to us when you need to.

Stress is common amongst members of the medical profession, and students are no exception. Often it can be related to assessments, and as our students are academic high achievers in general, the first examination they ever fail is often in Medical School. Personal organisation plays a significant role and we can offer practical advice and techniques on how to help with this.

With the large cohorts that we are currently looking after (between 350 and 400 students in each year), we must anticipate coming across most of the health and welfare problems that affect young people. This includes students with longstanding health problems or disabilities, mental health problems, including eating disorders and depression.

It is rare that we come across a student with a Fitness to Practise concern. The school has a well-documented procedure for dealing with this, which is legally defensible, and fair to the student as well as ensuring public safety. If you have any concerns about FtP please do inform the Divisional Tutor or Medical Student Support Tutors. An extensive range of advisors and services to support students with academic, personal and practical problems is available. 

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