UCL Medical School


Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit

The role of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit

The role of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit is to ensure that high standards and good practice within the teaching, learning and assessment processes for UCL's undergraduate medical programme are recognised and rewarded, and problems are rapidly identified and addressed.

In order to fulfill this role the unit is responsible for:

  • Internal monitoring of the Medical School's courses, modules, clinical placements and teachers through:

    • The development and dissemination of teaching standards and guidelines.
    • Collecting feedback, via student evaluation questionnaires (SEQs) which students are asked to complete at the end of each taught module/clinical placement, and also via the online student voice platform, Unitu.  
    • Collecting other student experience data via online reporting systems: Raising Concerns where students report any issues with their clinical placements or experiences that have concerned them; and Name and Proclaim where students highlight individuals who have inspired/impressed them.
    • The Medical Education Providers Annual Return (MEPAR), which is an online self-evaluative statement completed by each Trust/site that provides clinical placements to UCLMS students.
    • Liaison with student representatives through undergraduate teaching committees, staff and student consultative committees and working groups.
    • QAEU visits to clinical placement providers, under its visits policy.
    • Overseeing the Reward and Recognition Scheme, which includes the Excellence in Medical Education Awards, Top Teacher and Top Administrator Awards and the Junior Doctors' Certificate of Merit.
  • External monitoring, which ensures that procedures are established and maintained to allow UCLMS to respond in a transparent manner to the regulatory requirements of: the QAA (via UCL's annual monitoring and reporting processes); the GMC (via the annual self-assessment process); and Health Education England (via the annual return).

The Medical School Quality Management & Enhancement Committee (mQMEC) is responsible for the overview of academic standards and quality assurance and enhancement processes within the Medical School and for the development of policy and practice in relation to such processes.

mQMEC Terms of Reference 2020-21

The mQMEC reports to the MBBS Teaching Committee, the Dean and the Faculty Undergraduate Teaching Committees of Brain Sciences, Life Sciences, Population Health Sciences and Medical Sciences.

The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit works closely with our clinical placement providers, UCL's Tariff Manager, UCL Academic Services and committees across the Medical School.