UCL Medical School


Top Teacher and Administrator Awards 2019-20

Year 1 Winners

Circulation and Breathing

Dr Ian Edwards (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Fluids, Nutrition and Metabolism

Dr Joanne Marks (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Foundations of Health and Medical Practice

Prof Kristjan Jessen (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Infection and Defence

Dr Indran Balakrishnan (Royal Free)

Prof. Benny Chain (UCL, Division of Infection & Immunity)

Prof. Kate Ward (UCL, Division of Infection & Immunity)


Year 2 Winners

Endocrine Systems and Reproduction

Dr Pam Houston (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Dr Bernard Khoo (UCL, Division of Medicine)

Genetics, Development and Cancer

Dr Shane Minogue (UCL, Division of Medicine)

Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology

Dr Laura Porro (UCL, Division of Biosciences)


Year 3 Winners


Dr Nikolitsa Nomikou (UCL, Division of Surgery & Interventional Science)

Dr Becky Johnston (UCL, Institute of Child Health/Whittington)


Year 4 Winners

Module B

Mr Adrian O’Gorman (Whittington)

Prof. Anisur Rahman (UCLH)

Module C

Dr Bernard Davis (Whittington)

Dr Victoria Shivji (Royal Free)


Year 5 Winners


Dr Jonathan Cartledge (CNWL)

Module B

Dr Jonathan Cartledge (CNWL)

Module C

Dr Samuel Burridge (Royal Free)


Year 6 Winners

Dr Sagen Zac-Varghese (Lister)


SSC Winners

Mr Clive Mason (UCL, Institute of Education)


Clinical & Professional Practice Winners

Dr Jayne Kavanagh (UCL Medical School)


Top Administrators Awards

Ms Thameenah Hamid (UCL, Division of Medicine/Royal Free)

Ms Marie Haugen (UCL, Division of Medicine/Royal Free)

Mr Andy Houghton (UCL Medical School)

Mr Tadiwa Mutongwizo (UCL, Institute of Child Health)

Ms Alexandria Paice (Watford General Hospital)

Ms Kate Williams (UCL, Division of Surgery & Interventional Science/Whittington)