UCL Medical School


Junior Doctors' Certificate of Merit

The Certificate of Merit aims to recognise the commitment of junior doctors (FY1 to consultant level), who have made a significant contribution to undergraduate teaching on UCL's MBBS programme and who have shown commitment to development as a teacher.

Method of Application

You can apply for a Certificate of Merit by submitting a personal statement, which should include the following:

  • An explanation of why you wish to be considered for an award, including a brief summary of your teaching and academic support of UCLMS students and evidence of relevant learning activities, for example feedback from teaching sessions. It would also help to evidence your professional development in medical education. 
  • Details of how your contribution goes beyond those expected of your peers.
  • An outline of your future intentions to develop as a teacher, which may include undertaking specific training, peer review, using feedback to develop your teaching etc.

Your personal statement must be supported be a reference from your educational supervisor or the undergraduate tutor/director of undergraduate education at your NHS trust. The reference should confirm that your application is accurate and that you make a contribution 'considerably above and beyond' what is expected of junior doctors. This example application helps to demonstrate what information should be included. 

Applications should be submitted by email to the QAE Unit.


All applications will be reviewed by the Medical School's QA Unit, who will make a decision on whether the application should receive an award. Successful applicants will be sent a Certificate of Merit to include in their portfolios.

The award scheme is a rolling programme so there is no formal deadline to submit your application by. There is no limit to how many certificates the QAU can award every year.

Further guidance

It is important to acknowledge and reward all teachers' contribution to teaching medical students. Even if you only manage to run a few teaching sessions, you should discuss these with your educational supervisor to ensure they are acknowledged and documented. Further guidance can be found in UCLMS' Guidance for Junior Doctors' contribution to the MBBS programme.

If you have any queries about the Certificate of Merit scheme or the other UCLMS teaching awards, please contact the QAE Unit.