UCL Medical School


Improving the Patient Experience

In creating tomorrow’s UCL Doctors the new MBBS 2012 curriculum aims to produce highly competent and scientifically literate clinicians, equipped to practise person-centred medicine in a constantly changing modern world, with a strong foundation in the basic medical and social sciences.

Understanding and improving how patients experience their care is a key component to successfully delivery high-quality services that are based on their needs. The Francis Report (2013) highlighted the need for a person centred service across the NHS. 

At UCL Medical School we want our students to develop as future leaders and change makers within the health service and are therefore facilitating projects for them to do this. 

Medical Students - Did you know that you can be an instrument of change now?

Medical students often see more clearly what can be improved for patients. As a fly on the wall you see how staff work on a day to day basis. You have time to talk to patients and hear how their needs can be met. Start by completing a Quality Improvement Project and click on the link above.